09 January 2011

so here's what happened... new lessons for 2011 already :/

i had a master plan for my hair alllll worked out. i was going to get braids next week and stay in them until march. then i would be trying out all kinds of new styles until the middle of the summer when i would color an afro i knew would be amazing.

that is, until i was butchered by my stylist.


what i thought would never happen to me, did.

and it's 100% my fault. i was too busy being embroiled in a textual throwdown that i let this girl do whatever she wanted, when i knew better. i wanted to get the color cut out for my braids and she took more than just the color off.

in retrospect, there were several things going on in that salon that should've made me walk out and save my money, the first of which my stylist being late. don't schedule me for 6:30 if you don't plan on seeing me immediately. i will never again wait for a scheduled appointment. and second, she hacked away at my hair with a fine toothed comb but i was already too upset to say anything. i am so disappointed in myself!

so here are my lessons for 2011, and it's only been the first week:
  • do not wait more than ten minutes for an appointment. i didn't schedule a time to wait around. if a stylist isn't ready to see me immediately, i'm leaving.
  • don't get your hair done when you're upset. you'll be even angrier at your hair style.
  • you can trim your own ends! it's not hard and you can save yourself the money.
the whole thing was just a huge wreck and i am disappointed in myself for ignoring all these signs! i will never have a stylist cut my hair again! from now on, i am handling all my own trims!

i'm over it now, but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't extremely disappointed.  i was just really beginning to realize just how much length i had, and how to style it. on the other hand, i did always say i missed my old length. i still have a bit of hair, but not nearly as much as i had just last week. i feel like i'm back to looking like a boy (i hate shorter hair during the colder months!), but headbands and big earrings set off the look adorably, so i'll be purchasing a lot more hair candy.

i miss my color already too. :/ i can already tell that color will be my poison of choice when it comes to izzy, but i've been great at keeping my moisture levels up so i'm not worried. i'll just avoid the bleach from now on (or at least bleaching more than once). my hair is very dark (if not black) and it just makes me look even paler now that it's winter. and i think color looks best at this length. i wonder if izzy is still long enough to get braids. i figure it's best i tuck her away for a few weeks before i make anymore poor decisions. at one point i was going to just go to the barbershop and get another fade, but i decided against it (didn't have the money for ANOTHER cut). i said i wouldn't cut it anymore and i plan to stick to that. but it was verrrrry tempting.

here are some comparison pics of the damage.

my gorgeous very first twistout:

and my length now:

(edit: i am digging that shiny blackness of my hair - wow!)
such a huge difference, right?! i am making the best out of it, though. i'm using this opportunity to up my water and vitamin intake now that my skin is back to being face-front and try out cute accessories at this length. it's amazing how months and care of hard work can be ruined in less than a few minutes. i definitely learned my lesson! i am at peace with what happened to izzy now and glad i learned this lesson now as opposed to when my hair got longer.

now that it's been a few days, i am used to the length. i went out one night and was absolutely smitten with how it looked with this cute braided headband i got from claire's. izzy will always be my dear izzy, no matter what she looks like. i love her all the same! sure the experience is a little bittersweet, but no big deal. 

what a way to start off a happy new year, am i right?