20 March 2011

[review] mozeke just peachy shampoo

ingredients: peach kernel oil, decyl glucoside, murumuru butter, fragrance, pro vitamin B5 and sea kelp extract.

Jennifer from Mozeke sent me a few goodies to try out and i'm so happy to finally start sharing reviews with you guys! this was the first product i tried out, so it only makes sense that this is the first review. :)

like all of the mozeke products, this shampoo is very affordably priced. you get a hefty 8 oz for only $10, which is awesome, in my opinion. it does seem a little weird to spend ten dollars on shampoo when you can grab a bottle at your local target for three, but finding a shampoo that works well with your hair can be challenging as a natural. i'd much rather take my chances and spend a little extra money on a natural shampoo than one that'll strip poor izzy into kingdom come. besides, 8 oz should last me at least a year, at the rate i shampoo. i've had the same bottle of ORS shampoo from when i was relaxed, and i've been natural almost two years now! 

of course, you can always try out a smaller, two ounce sample for only $3. i love that mozeke has a sizable sample selection. i think you can sample most, if not all of their products. and you all know how i feel about samples.

i was sent the sample size and i can see this lasting me at least 3-4 months.

labeling on the product is simple, with a basic use of space. their labels aren't my favorite (very little styling), but they serve their purpose. you get the name and ingredients right on the front (the simplicity of the ingredients always catch me by surprise, for the products to be so effective). 

bottle is a basic white with a matching top. now, i'm not sure if the top is different if you order the larger size, but my sample sized bottle came with a screw cap. i would much prefer a flip cap, just for ease of dispense. i just generally dislike caps you have to remove from the whole bottle because i hate the idea of any water getting into the bottle, especially since majority of my products are natural and i don't want to introduce any bacteria. a flip cap would work better with the consistency of this product as well.

the more this line grows, i hope they give more consideration to imaging and packaging. the line has a definite air, or attitude - lighthearted, simple products with just a touch of fun. i would love to see bottles and labels that reflect that.

i know the name of the product is "just peachy," but that isn't the fragrance i got upon inspection of my bottle. darcy's botanicals coils jelly has a rich, succulent peach fragrance, so i was expecting something akin to that. this shampoo doesn't register as "peach" with my nose, not in the least. but since it's just shampoo, it's not really a make-or-break aspect for me.

the smell is light and non-offensive. there is a definite fragrance to it, but more of a neutral floral than peach.

the consistency caught me a little by surprise - it was very thick! however, as soon as it touched my hair, it burst into suds! it was very easy to work the lather through my hair, so i didn't have to use too much/extra product. 

the second time i used it, i did notice a bit of separation, but nothing a quick shake of the bottle can't cure. however, i can't be sure if i didn't get a bit of water into the bottle on my first use. just something for me to keep in mind.



like i alluded to in my last post, the performance on this shampoo really blew me out of the water! i was so surprised at how efficient it was. to be honest, i was expecting a very mild cleanser, but nothing that could stand up to six weeks of braid build up. i lathered up once and was blown away at how clean my scalp was! i poked and scratched at it, just to make sure no residual flakes had been left over and i just can't get over how clean it left my scalp. and i never pay attention to my scalp!

my hair was soft and shiny and there was zero stripping or dryness. i hate using shampoo because i always feels as though it's stripping away about three weeks worth of steaming and moisturizing, even when my scalp is nasty and grimy. being a natural, i am always mindful of my moisture levels so it's understandable that shampoo leaves me a little weary. but this shampoo left me happy as a clam!

now, this was a week ago. i thought this shampoo was so kick-butt and gentle that heck, maybe i could shampoo just about every week! i don't know what i was thinking, thinking i could go from shampooing once a month to every week. i guess i was just so excited to use the shampoo again. :P

i just lathered up a few minutes ago and did notice a tiny bit of roughness on my strands. i barely used any product this week (and only moisturized twice), so there wasn't really anything to be cleaned in the first place. this isn't the fault of my shampoo, but rather my overzealousness. no dryness or anything of the sort, but i will be cutting back just for my hair's sake. it isn't wise to shampoo when you've barely been moisturizing in the first place.

customer service
dealing with Jennifer is always a dream. i've ordered from her several times and have never been disappointed! she responds to emails very quickly (within the day, if not within the hour) and her shipping always floors me. it never takes more than two days to get here after she ships it. i don't know why shipping from her is always so dang fast, but i'm far from complaining!

ftc disclaimer: this product was sent to me for consideration. i am in no way affiliated with this company and i was not paid for this review.

13 March 2011

izzy's back and i've got a plan (and epiphany!?)

so... i ended up taking my braids out after six weeks! two weeks short of my last stint with braids and four weeks short of my ultimate goal. i don't really feel disappointed or anything, although it did take me about two days to decide whether or not i wanted to take them out or just get my edges done. i desperately wanted to wash my scalp (the buildup was evident - ew!) and i'd been taking out braids along the back and edges (much like when i was itching to go natural). so instead of springing to have my edges re-done for sixty bucks (never! they have lost their minds!) i decided to just go ahead and take them out. 

the process was surprisingly quick and easy. i'm surprised at how much shed hair i lost, about a handful or so. i went through and tried my best to finger detangle before slathering my hair in condish and going in with the tangle teezer. i was amazed at how easily the tool slid through my hair, no snagging or tangles or anything. i was already lukewarm-leaning-towards-warm towards the tangle teezer, but this sealed it for me. the detangling is really amazing and so gentle!

i washed with some new products from mozeke, both of which get a thumbs up. i'll try to have the review/s up tomorrow - i'm really excited to share my thoughts on the new shampoo! i think it's good enough to oust lush's cynthia sylvia stout shampoo as my favorite natural poo. we'll see!

i'm really pleased with the growth i got from the braids - part of the reason i don't regret taking them down early. there's a big difference from when i got my hair cut and now. the braids helped to keep my mind off length so the new half-inch or so is quite the welcomed surprise. :) i wish i'd taken better pictures to show the difference, but short hair is so hard to document, in my opinion, because it shrinks up on itself so easily. you guys will just have to take my word for it - my hair grew. ;)

i've finally "solved" my "problem" to greeting a mushy izzy every morning. well... not actually, but i have high hopes, lol. when i take down my braids, i'm always in love with the coils left over from the tight twisting. i don't have near the skill or dexterity for senegalese twisting my own hair; if i did, my twistouts would always be banging. but i decided to try coiling my hair every weekend. i have noticed the ease of maintenance when in coils. in the morning, all i need to do is refresh with some water, shake, and run a bit of moisturizer or coconut oil over them. i can lift at the roots with a pic for more volume and achieve a slightly more uniform look - cool. pretty much what everyone's looking for, right? i'll be testing that out this weekend, so i'll definitely be checking back in with pictures and details.

oh, sidenote... WHY IS MY HEAD SO FREAKING BIG?! i joke that my head (specifically my crown area) is like russia. have you seen russia on a map? no? here, let me help you:


now click to enlarge. russia is HUGE. whenever i begin working in my crown area, i feel like it takes an hour just to even "break ground," haha! i began coiling my hair tonight/this morning and gave up. i'll finish when i wake up. :P

anyway! the point is i think it'll def be worth it to take two hours styling on a sunday night for fuss-free hair all week. it'll cut down on my styling time in the morning, tangles, and single strand knots. i'm excited to see how my hair does in coils.

and another sidenote, my "new hair goal" is to build up my hair accessory collection! my hoard is modest - two headbands and two bows, but i am on the hunt for new hair candy! having natural hair, i'm always a little iffy about what i can use and what i can't, but after some asian women cornered me at a kiosk at the mall and dotted izzy with cute little clips, i'm definitely open to trying anything. if you guys have any websites you like, please do share. :)

oh and happy birthday to me! ;)