06 December 2011

My 4 Year Plan: Year 1 Update

hey all, i know it's been forever since i've updated this. it's been on my to-do list but school comes first. let's get to the point. :)

i took my weave out about two weeks ago and boy was it a task. if i ever get another weave, i will either be getting a net underneath or having the weaveologist take it out. my fingers were extremely sore afterwards, but i only had to cut out one small tangle, so i consider that a victory lol. i managed to keep it in for ten weeks, so i was pleased about that! i definitely got my money's worth. i would get another one, maybe straight hair just for simplicity's sake.

i got pretty good (great?) growth! i am now SL/CBL, which is so exciting considering where i started at the beginning of the year/last december when i got my blonde cut out. i did my weekly steam and a light protein treatment. i did medium to small twists over my head and then set them on perm rods. i used a sample of miss jessie's curly pudding as my styling product. i forget what i used as my moisturizer and sealant.

i loved the results i got! my hair was fluffy, soft, and most importantly: stretched!

i just recently tried a set with sponge rollers, but i think i'll be sticking to the perm rods, lol. here's a picture of my length (i'll take clearer pictures later this month).

after seeing my growth (i got maybe a little more than an inch in the 2.5 months i had my sew-in), i've decided to put myself on a four-year plan. my ultimate goal is waist-length, stretched and i plan to hit it by Dec/Jan 2014. whew! that seems like so far away, but time passes so quickly. i plan to grow/retain all 6 inches of growth each year, so i will continue with taking supplements. i am considering trying a sulfur serum to see if that has any effect.

so for year one we'll say my goal was collarbone length (goal accomplished). here's a rough plan for my next three years:

it seems most achieve similar lengths in that frame of time and i have average growth, so it seems doable.  i'll keep on with my weekly steaming and stretched styles. i plan to straighten once a year, to track my progress. i will straighten in two weeks, which is exciting! i would like to begin to focus more on my ends, since i know its important to protect those!

hope everyone has been doing well :)