21 May 2011

i haven't steamed in two months?

there are two things you can safely assume when it comes to the posts on my blogs: if i'm posting, i'm probably sitting under the steamer (like i am now, at 3 AM) and if i'm not posting, that means i probably haven't been steaming either. 

i can't exactly say i took a "vacation," considering i was still going to class, doing homework, and going to work on most days. my absence certainly wasn't intentional. but now that the semester is out i'll have more time to dedicate to this. i've missed my steamer and i've missed blogging, so i'm glad my schedule's freed up a bit more. 

as always, i have a ton of product reviews to get out. i'd like to crank these out at least once or twice a week, however it seems like my rate of posting is matching the rate through which i get through my products (i'm almost out of oyin's hair dew). instead of trying to test out all these products i have waiting for me, i'll focus on getting the "older" ones out of the way first.

i'd also like to do some more "personal" blogs about izzy and i. the longer she grows, the more my feelings toward her change. i feel like my hair has all but freaking sprouted this semester and wash day is always a surprise for me. it's crazy to say that this is the longest my hair's ever been since i've been natural. granted, my 3-4 inches may not seem like much, but this is huge for me! i think i've finally conquered the scissor happy demon within me. i played with the idea of cutting my hair for weeks, maybe months, since i decided to "officially" stop cutting it and now, whenever i stretch out a curl past my chin, scissors are the last thing i'm thinking about (thank goodness). i'll save some of the details for another post.

as far as a quick update on my hair... i've gone from washing every week to every two weeks, mostly because i'm too busy studying to be bothered (a week goes by so quickly now!). i've been wearing twistouts and i'm learning just how important stretched styles are (so important i plan to make a post). my hair is still some kind of unfathomable pattern. even when wet, it seems to want to "bush" instead of curl up. the perimeter of my head gives me the least trouble, probably because it's the loosest of all the textures in there. honestly, i haven't been thrilled with my hair lately and that's probably while i'll be going into braids next week (more on that later too).

in other news, i'm growing lukewarm towards my huetiful steamer... idk, i'm just not so sure i'm loving it like i once was.

i just wanted to quickly check in with everyone - when i saw i now had 90 followers, i was so shocked! where did you guys come from?! last i remember, i had maybe 84-85, i can't be sure. 90 may not be a big number compared to more popular blogs, but it's more than i ever planned to have, considering this blog was more of a "hair diary" for me to keep track of things. but if others enjoy it, i'm glad! it makes me happy to share. :)

i hope everyone has been doing well and i sure hope you chat with all of you soon. <3