21 June 2011

my drug of choice: braids

i know, i've been a terrible blogger lately. i know in my last post i said i'd be updating more frequently since it's the summer time and i wasn't (intentionally!) lying. technically today was the first day of summer so i'm making good on my previous promises. ;) lol

to be honest, my enthusiasm for this whole natural thing has dwindled - i can't lie to myself or you guys. don't get me wrong, i still love and adore izzy… perhaps i should say my enthusiasm for short natural hair has dwindled. i have an oddly shaped, very hairy head and so this in-between/growing out length looks super awkward on me. while it was fun and exciting to try different methods of twisting for my twistouts, i've been hit with the long-hair bug BAD! ever since my last chop in december, i've been adamant about no more cutting (no matter how badly i pine for my fade of yester-summer. sigh). 

anytime my hair is lose, i end up making designs on it. i've even thought about getting a texturizer! that's how bad my boredom gets. i've wanted to shave one side, dye it a million different colors in a million different ways, everything. the only thing that really quiets these urges is hiding izzy away for a few weeks, which is promptly what i did - i'm back in more twists.

while i would love to get back to steaming my hair and trying out all these dang products i have, i've been in braids for the past three weeks. and guess what? i plan to stay in them all summer long. yep, you heard/read me. 

my reasoning is this: the less my hair is out, the less i'm frustrated with it; less frumpy fros and tired arms, less impulses to do something crazy. besides, i figure i'll have a nice little surprise growth-wise when i take them out. when i got my braids in december/january, i'd grown back what i'd lost in the chop plus more. i'll probably take out all my braids sometime in July and then have them redone to last until the fall semester starts.

the plan is by fall semester, i should have enough hair to leave out in a part for a natural/curly hair weave. i'd love to tuck izzy away for a few more weeks and play with a big kinky weave! the idea sounds  like a lot of fun to me and i've had a weave before. i kept my last weave in for maybe a month with no troubles (although this was years ago), so i feel confident that i have the tools to go maybe two months this time. of course, i'll have to judge that when i get there. i've already been looking at hair (don't judge me)!

there's my quick summer update. i know i've said this over and over again but i do plan to start back up in the reviews. what i'll do is set up a schedule/list of products so that i actually have a timeline to focus on.

hope all is well with all of you. :)