20 February 2012

my future shopping list.

sooo i'm only two weeks into my senegalese twists and already finding myself poring over pages of natural products on etsy, scanning ingredient lists, and evaluating pictures. like i did with my previous post, i figured i should make a list of the things i want to buy so i don't forget when i take my hair down. maybe it'll quell the itch to buy some of these things NOW!

whole leaf aloe vera juice

saravun broccoli hair cream

naturaluxuries avocado moisturizing hair cream

shea moisture moisture retention shampoo

shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

hair trigger explosive growth elixir *cough*

05 February 2012

in eight weeks

i'm going back into braids today, which isn't too unusual, but of course the urge to experiment with my hair should strike again! in order to keep this enthusiasm, i figured i would make a list of all the things i wanted to try, that way i can keep myself entertained for a few weeks when it'll be time for me to take these braids out again.

i want to try:
*another twist & curl
*bantu knot out on blow-dried hair
*two strand twist into bantu knots
*flexirod set
*flat twistout
*shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie on wet and blow-dried hair
*kimmaytube leave-in

a sweet and simple post. i may add on more if more ideas strike me :)