31 July 2009

[review] gudonya "salty dawg" creme shampoo

gudonya "salty dawg" creme shampoo
distilled water, sodium chloride, glycerine, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, stearic acid, bentonite, panthenol, hydrolyzed wheat protein and starch, fragrance, lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, pentasodium penetrate, tetrasodium etidronate, preservative, color.

so, for some reason, i like anything with salt. especially dead sea salt. i've tried the kiya fizzle when i was relaxed and absolutely loved it; cut right through my new growth and left the relaxed parts softened. i haven't tried it since i've BC'ed, but instead, i found this product on etsy (link). it sounded good: sexy tahitian vanilla scent, dead sea salt, rich lather, etc. etc., so why not?

first off: it doesn't smell a thing like tahitian vanilla. or any vanilla, for that matter. it's more of a cloying, sugar-sweet, pseudo-tropical-berry twist bubble gum and not necessarily in a good way. it doesn't stink, by any means, but it ain't vanilla and that's what i wanted my hair to smell like. the scent has grown on me, though. i do like sweet things.

it comes in a very sturdy plastic jar that i thought was glass at first. and you get a good sized amount (4 oz) for only $6.50, and they stuff the jar full of it, so not bad at all. i suspect the jar will last me at least a year, at the rate i wash my hair, if i decide to use it all up (and i will try).

i only used about a quarter sized amount and the lather was lacking. not soapy, creamy, nothin'. not bad, but the way it was advertised, i expected the stuff to just explode into bubbles as soon as the water hit it. massaged it in, la di da. and as soon as i began rinsing, my hair felt
dry, almost as if my hair was raw, no nothing on it. so i'm suspecting i'll only use this when i really need to actually clean my hair. it was after this shampoo that i began to notice the shedding/breaking hairs too, but i'm not sure if the harshness of the shampoo was the reason.

overall, it's nothing amazing and the scent and lack of bubbles can't make up for it. on the upside, it was a great price and customer service was smooth and shipping fast. they even sent me a sample of another shampoo (and this one actually smells like it says). i'll keep trying with this, maybe doctor it up with a bit of oil, and report back.

i won't be repurchasing.