14 July 2010

[pics] when izzy starts to dry...

she begins to frizz, which is normal, but this is a lot of frizz. the bleach loosened my texture, which wasn't uniform to begin with. now i have even more stick straight pieces than before. oh well, it's nothing i can't handle and i really like picking out tiny izzy - she looks so fly!

she's still looking and feeling a little on the dry side, though, so i plan to have izzy dc with heat tonight (which is something i almost never do).

[pics] fresh out the shower, naked, co-washed hair

click on the pics to enlarge them!

yet anothaaa body buttaa. +NEWS!

so ignore my cheesy title; i needed something to call this post, LOL. anyways! i had today off so i decided to whip up another body butter, this time for myself. i wanted something moisturizing and unscented... i hate showering at night because i often don't know what i want to smell like! and if the scent does linger, i don't want it clashing with my perfume in the morning. so the perfect fix seemed simple - just make my own!

my skin has been looking a little weathered lately, so i made sure to choose skin-loving ingredients. coconut, olive, and avocado oil are the only oils with molecules small enough to penetrate the skin's layers, so those were my top choices. i added some jamaican black castor oil because a fellow blogger recommended it and she has fabulous skin. (shout out to littlegoldenlamb!) my base was shea butter (as always), with a generous dollop of hemp seed butter. it was very similar to my previous batch, except i skipped the avocado butter and fragrance this time.

but wait, two posts on body butter in a row? something must be up! hmm... whatever could it be?!


this is serious business, people! i haven't "had" a camera of my own for maybe, ohhh, five years now? most pictures i've posted here have come from my webcam (which isn't at all bad, but let's face it, isn't winning any awards for quality) or my mom's piece of crap digital camera. my mom isn't an electronic buff by any means, so her camera was pretty much "old" when it was new. (i love you, mommy.)

my new cam packs a walloping 12 megapixels - it takes great texture shots. ;) the colors are vivid and the clarity crystal! i'll be uploading some pics of my hair later this evening - FINALLY. but without further ado, here's my body butter:

my arsenal...

the hemp seed butter looks like a dollop of real... well, butter!

after being whipped...


perfectly packaged and ready to use!