09 September 2010



hee hee. ;)

it's been soooo long. i have so much to talk about about my hair. first off, apologies. i haven't had any reviews in quite a while. :( partially because i haven't been trying any new products, but there are still a few that i have YET to review. unfortunately, with school back in session, i can't see any coming anytime soon, especially as i'll be sticking with my staples.

as for izzy... things are going okay. i haven't DC'ed in at least a month and poor izzy is so dry. i've just been rewetting and styling every day, so i don't really deal with the issue of actual care. but i plan to do a dc either tonight or tomorrow. i've been picking her out daily just because it's much easier to wear an afro than to re-wet. but i'm learning that this is a big nono. all that rough combing and manipulation is breakage city. but it's so much easier to pick and go. i'll probably shingle once a week and just spritz in the morning instead of saturating.

i plan to order more of my mozeke dc soon. i also want to try the jessicurl weekly deep treatment, which has gotten a lot of great reviews. i also plan on working my way through some moisturizers to see what i like. my avocado butter is still great, but i feel as though my hair does need a little bit more, especially in the winter months.

i'm easing back into that awkward in-between stage with izzy, so i've been torn in-between getting another fade or growing it out. the fade is really calling to me, but i've been dreaming about twisting, and cornrolling, and making puffs, and making flat twists... i think i'm ready to see how long izzy can grow! i didn't realize how much growth i had until i cut around my birthday earlier this year. i wish i had taken pictures.

just a quick update!


Skeeta said...

agh!! ure back! we've missed u and izzy:o). i really need this mozeke n my life that uve been raving about. best of luck with school and let us kno if u decide 3 grow or fadddde!

Melyssa said...

skeeta, hi!

i think i'm just gonna let it grow out. this morning, i rewet and applied my trusty avocado butter+castor oil combo, and my hair was so juicy and soft! it felt tons better than when i had my picked out afro.

so i think i'm just going to rewet every morning and just use those two items. my hair dries quickly because they're not gels, so i don't mind rewetting. my hair was bangin today! i should've took pictures!

how've you been? i see you're back in DC!