22 September 2011

beginning of semester update!

just a quick update since school has me so sorely lacking sleep, smh. i know i owe some people pictures (you know who you are… *bzz!*) so i figured i'd post pictures of my new install as well as my goal for these next two months.

my personal goal for this fall (or at least the next two months) is growth! i did my styling circuit challenge and an unofficial protective style circuit (i was in braids for so long) and now i'm focused on growth, which is exciting because it's never been a focus of mine. i figured since all of my hair is hidden away this will be a great opportunity to use up some of the vitamins and oils i have.

so here's what i'm doing for supplements… every morning, i alternate; one day i'll take my opti women multivitamin and gnc be beautiful and then the other day, i'll take country life maxi hair. the reason i do this is because the maxi hair and opti women have a lot of the same ingredients (at pretty high dosages too) so i don't want to take both in the same day for fear of overload.

and at night, while this may be unrelated to growth, i take nature's way omega 369.

every night or every other night, i moisturize my scalp with mozeke's alma herbal infusion. i have added a bit of powdered sulfur. this was available on her website, and i'm not sure why it's been taken down, but hopefully Jennifer will list more so i can buy another bottle.

i'll (try) to wash every week, if not every two weeks, with whatever shampoo and cheapie conditioner i have on hand. i recently ordered a blowdryer so that i could blowdry my roots, but it has yet to arrive. :/

anyway, i've had the install for a little over a week now and i absolutely adore it. here's the info you really want: i used two packs of bohyme brazilian wave in color #1, 12 and 14 inch. at night, i put in a ponytail and then sleep with a bonnet. in the morning, i dampen it just a bit and brush through whatever gel i'm using with my denman. this method takes me maybe five minutes and dries quickly. if i want more volume, i'll brush track by track. i have noticed that when styling in a rush, if i brush entire sections of hair i get a little less fullness, which is good for everyday wear, i think.

i knowww these are only webcam pics. the first three are at the end of the day while the last one is what happens when i don't define with my denman and gel. i am having so much fun with the hair and i've gotten so many compliments. i'm excited to see what two months' of growth will look like!


BeesOHoney said...

Oh my gosh, your hair style is so pretty! I'm really liking it, especially the fourth photo. lol at the third picture by the way. :)