22 October 2011

weave update: 5 weeks in

just a quick weave update since i decided to steam today. i detangled, steamed, shampooed, moisturized, and sealed in sections and now my hair is pinned up as i wait for it to dry.

next tuesday i will have had this weave in for six weeks! i've had my hair tied up for the past week just because i was way too lazy to deal with it. i noticed it began tangling terribly so i decided to go ahead and do a full wash this weekend. i also made sure i moisturized since i have been putting nothing but gel on this hair. i'm hoping that a good steaming will help restore the elasticity and curb the tangling a little bit.

still going strong on my supplements. i stopped using the hair oil doctored with sulfur powder because the itching was just too much. once i cut that out, the itching stopped considerably. i had a lot of buildup on my scalp so i'm hoping this shampoo will cut through a bit of that. it's hard to get the shampoo in between the tracks for me. :/

anyway, i can feel my new growth just cutting up under there and i can't wait to have this hair out, honestly lol. i'm not tired of the weave but i do miss my hair. although i know once i take it out i'll be itching for some braids or something next (which i do plan to get, haha). 

i really would love to be able to go three months when that's in (because that's how long the semester is), but the way my hair has been sprouting, i just don't see that happening. i have my takedown scheduled in two weeks, but maybe i can get an extra week or two out of it. i'll have to see when i get there!