23 April 2012

a quick hair history

i was going through a few pictures and realized i've been trying quite a few things with my hair since december that i haven't had a chance to share just yet. i know i've been lacking with the pictures so hopefully this post will "make up" for that. :) 

i still haven't charged my camera, so these's are pictures from my webcam. but more on that a little bit later

so this was one of my best twistouts EVARRR. my hair was big and perfectly defined and of course i can't remember what i did. :/ i do know my hair was stretched and i think i used saravun's broccoli butter and eco styler gel (the green one).

you can see in the first picture one twist hangs a little (a lot) lower than the others. i retwisted that one twist maybe five times and my hair (especially around the perimeter of my hair) pulls straight very easily.

this was a braidout (done with eco styler with the ends set on sponge rollers) my best friend then pinned up. it was so cute, i wish i took more pictures at more angles. she french rolled the back and we had to continually "edit" the sides with tons of bobby pins lol. i loved it!

after this i blow-dried my hair for the braidout you guys saw in my previous post about it. :)

then i went back into braids like i usually do, although i didn't last for nearly as long as i wanted to. d'ah well. :P
 this is a twistout gone slightly wrong done with donna marie's buttercream. i wanted a cream-based styler because i thought it would work better with stretched hair, but the humectants in this just gave me a huge frizz ball!

this is when i started working on trying to craft the perfect afro. i think this was a braidout, which never works out well for me unless it's on blow-dried hair. 

it was looking at these pictures that i decided i would need to go get my hair shaped. as you can see, i look absolutely ridiculous.

i wore my hair in twists for a week before taking them out friday for an ah-maaaazing twistout! gosh, it was gorgeous. it may not have been the chunky twistout-look i was going for but damn if my hair wasn't gorgeous.

that's before that terrible trim. >:'( 

i never got around to taking pictures of what Sharen did to my head, unfortunately.

so what does my hair look like now?


kenahmarie said...

Your hair looks great! I'm eager to see your new cut too!!! & I totally understand the whole awkward shape thing...going through that right now! I probably should go get it professionally shaped but I'm just going to stick with trimming myself. I personally want my hair to get to being all one length instead of the BC I've been just trimming the back layers until the front catches up. Im almost there!

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