15 November 2009

four months natural...

:) :) :)

i have been four months natural now and i really don't have anything to say. i will start by saying that this will be a more thorough post than my last, lol. so, i have been natural for four months now and it as been nothing short of amazing. i haven't bought anything since my last few updates, thank goodness, but that'll be changing soon...i plan to get myself a hefty load, mwahaha...

anyway, my hair has really been growing and i have a few pictures i need to update my fotki with. gotta just suck it up and do it, maybe tonight. it is so exciting, washing my hair, because i can feel it hanging when i wash it and i know it is growing sooo long.

but uh, yeah. don't really have much to say... oh! just last week, right on the 11th (i hadn't even realized it was my four months on that day) i met a lovely young lady in the computer lab. i was there with a friend, who i inspired to transition and we were talking about hair. a girl using the computer next to me looked over and asked, "are you natural?" :) from there, we talked and talked and talked. we even shared links and exchanged facebooks and what not. it was so nice meeting her, it really made me smile and brightened my day! i love talking to other naturals and about hair in general!

oh! and i am learning to cornrow and that is way more exciting than it should be.