18 November 2009

[inventory] updaaate ! (before)

i made an inventory post not long after i started this blog because i knew i had way too much stuff and would only keep buying more if i didn't get a hold on things. well, i am so happy to report than 95% of my previous inventory is gone! yes! more space to buy more things!

good thing, too, because i realize that my random purchases have more than replaced my old inventory and it doesn't help that i just spent a modest grip on online shopping... so doing another inventory for what i have now before my packages begin to arrive. i will not be buying any more hair products for a good few months, thank gawd.

[ shampoo ]
gudonya creme shampoo (rarely used)
ors aloe shampoo (rarely used)

[ conditioner ]
aussie moist conditioner
tj's tea tree tingle conditioner
tj's nourish spa conditioner (almost gone!)
HE hello hydration condish

pantene r&n mask
cantu shea butter leave-in

[ styling, etc ]
proclaim curl activator gel
ecostyler clear gel
afroveda curly custard (tiny bit from a friend)
afroveda totally twisted ginger butter (from a friend, again)
darcy's botanicals coils jelly (...another friend)
hairveda vatika frosting (x2)

i rarely use shampoo, so i know what i have will last me a long time and i'm grateful for that. i don't really like shampoos and when i run out, i won't be buying anymore. i also haven't included any styling tools or heat products because my styling tools are expected to last me for the better half of forever and i won't be heat styling for a lonnnng time. i need to buy another case to house my new make-up and what not, so time to rearrange my hair situation as well.


Anonymous said...


Izzy said...

Hey, Anonymous. What's up?

Skeeta said...

Hey Izzy! Thx for stopping by. Today was the first day I left HH in my hair on purpose, the other times with residue were on accident. I didn't see anything today, I mostly saw yellow (my shea butter) which went away after it dried. I have a sneaky suspicion ?sp? that the residue was HH mixed with too much olive oil. I don't plan on leaving HH in my hair anymore. Something about leaving a reg cond in there makes me feel weird, but I don't think its doing much anyway. I want to buy some Givanni leave in next though! ttyl! Happy growing!

Amina said...

I used to have an excel file(color-coded) with all my products but it got out of
good job!

Izzy said...

amina... wow. i hope i never get that bad! i've been to your blog, though, and with all the products you try, i can see why that would come in handy!

Skeeta said...

Did u see this review on the Giovanni leave in?

she said " must give a warning about this product however:

IT DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. Mixing it, even with the gel that is from this brand results in little ELMER’S GLUE LIKE GLOBULES up and down the ENTIRE length of your hair strand"

Glad I didn't buy. I would have been mad because I like to use gel. I think I will hold on this until my hair is longer nad I can do without the gel. ;o)

Izzy said...

wow. i wonder that that looks like. eww.