17 January 2010

i am so twisted.

senegalese, that is. ;]

right before i did my BC, i was in senegalese twists that weighed maybe a hundred pounds and took literally all day to finish. but i loved them! i'd always loved twists on other women and i only had senegalese maybe three times in my life. well, right after i got my twists installed, i'd gotten the bright idea to go natural and chop my hair. but, i didn't want to waste all that time and money, so i decided i would wait to chop. i only had my twists in three weeks, and even then, i would sneakily take out a few in the back and middle so no one would see.

very recently, i was going to start a personal challenge to work on styling my twa, when i found some money in my wallet and decided to hit up craigslist for a braider. i found a fabulous woman for a great price, and it took maybe 6-7 hours, which isn't bad at all, compared to the 12 hours it took me last time! they're not as dense as i thought they would be, which is fine with me, because it means less bulk and easier maintenance.

i plan to keep this in for at least 8-10 weeks (or as long as i can possibly stand). i recently picked up some braid spray. and some ORS herbal cleanse dry shampoo.

i really want these to last, so i'll "shampoo" every 7-10 days and spritz every other day (don't want any buildup). and i'm keeping my scarf on as long as possible. i'm being very careful because this is my first time being natural with braids and i'm worried about the fuzz factor, so i'm hedging carefully. i also plan to have my edges redone every 2-3 weeks (or as needed).

i really love braids - i think they're so gorgeous and low maintenance - you don't have to worry about washing, DC'ing, or styling every morning and to me, that is worth every penny. and braids/twists are so effortlessly gorgeous. once i'm out of these senegalese, i plan to get kinky twists or small individual braids. if at all possible, i'd like to spend at least a year in braids and just let my growth surprise me in between. i'm not too big on length as much as i am styling. i'm not worried about health because i do take good care of my beautiful hair, so i really want to work on styling my own hair because that is an area in which i am very weak. so, why not get braids? instant style every day! :]

i'll post some pictures up in my fotki eventually and keep updating on my progress with these braids - this is the first time i ever actually planned to take care of them. i'm still in the twa growout challenge, although i'll probably drop the silica out of laziness and not wanting my hair to grow too fast because then i'll have to pay for more braids!

so happy!


music.Junkie said...

oooooo can't wait to seeeee pics Lissa! I've always loved you in braids =]

Golden Candles said...

I love braids also. I have never had Senegalese twist but I love love kinky twist. In fact I plan on getting some very soon before I go to Atlanta for Valentine's Day