21 January 2010

my braid [regimen].

alright, i am getting serious about these things. after having them for all of maybe half-a-week, i've already realized my "regimen" in my previous post just wasn't going to cut it. so here's the regimen i'll be sticking with, faithfully.

  • "shampoo" every 2 weeks (or as needed) with ORS herbal cleanse dry shampoo
  • spritz every morning with african royale braid sheen spray
  • have edges re-done every two weeks
  • my silk scarf is my best friend
& my goal is to make it to my birthday/spring break: March 13. from the day i got them installed until then will be 9 weeks, which is pretty good. and i think keeping up with the regimen above will definitely get me there. i need to keep it simple and take it one week at a time. even though i suppose this is my first "protective style," i can't just treat my twists any kind of way. i still need to treat them gently and care for them diligently in order to make them last.

at the same time, i will fully appreciate the time in which i only need to use two products and i don't have to worry about styling my hair everyday! ;) braids are one seriously beautiful blessing. i plan to rock these bad boys until they fall out of my HEAD. it is so entirely comforting to know that my next worry is what kind of braids i'll get for the beach in March for spring break. no worries about flat morning afros, or detangling or cowashing. i have zero desire to purchase any more hair products and i am virtually worry free. and should i be so fortunate, i might stay in braids all year!

i hope.