28 February 2010

until they FALL OUT!

i have been sooo surprised at how little i have updated this while in braids! i guess there's not much to talk about when your hair is hiding away.

for a few weeks now, i have been lamenting having to let them go, for a number of reasons:
one. the ease of styling. i love being able to just get up and go. no spraying, fluffing, detangling, etc. braids are, by far, the easiest style in the world.
two. i wouldn't have made my goal of 9 weeks. i was considering taking them out at six weeks, but laziness got the best of me. my hair looks a hot mess but like i told someone, i am gonna rock these things until they fall out.

i was considering taking them out today, but all my hair care products are at home. so, i decided that next week, they would be gone and i'll finally be back to my adorable fro. i think izzy is getting mad at me for keeping these things in far past their cuteness expiration date. she wants to be free again, lol. can't say i blame her. i really have no clue what to expect when i take them out. had my hair grown a lot in this time? how much shedding and breakage will i have? how crazy will i look when i take them out?!

i'll be sure to post my full thoughts after the take-down though, since i can't really comment or answer any of those questions above. i really am itching to take them out now because i really do miss izzy. <3

just one more week until you are free, my love!


Skeeta said...

Yea! Free Izzy! Free Izzy! And pics we hope!

Izzy said...

girl, i had to post this like three times! blogger wasn't letting me do anything!

but yesss... i am more than ready to take this stuff DOWN! i'm thinking of doing a youtube vid. ;O