14 March 2010

welcome back, izzy!

phew! it seems like ever since i took my braids out, my mind has been filing one blog post after the next. i have so much to update you all on. :]

izzy is back home after being tucked away for two months in braids. that entire process is a blog post on it's own. it was such an ordeal.

in this short week, i've also henna'd and gotten a trim! :0 finally! that trim i've been thinking about for months now... these will also be two separate posts.

i'll also be reviewing oyin's honey hemp conditioner, hairveda's sitrinillah deep conditioner and moist 24/7 conditioner. i might also review the kinky curly knot today leave-in and curling custard. this will probably come later in the week, as i still want to play around with it.

it is my goal to do at least one post a day, so please look forward to it. :)


Skeeta said...

yea! I've been wanting to henna but not quite sure yet. Still deciding on the coloring and texture thing.. so cant wait for your reviews!

Melyssa said...

same here. i can tell you it didn't change my texture, but this has only been the first use. i heard that long-term use might loosen it slightly, but nothing drastic. i'm gonna try once a month, though, just because i want the color.