16 March 2010

[review] hairveda's moist condition 24/7

ingredients: water coconut oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, dimethyl stearamine, lactic acid, germall plus, fragrance.

i was so excited when i received my hairveda goodies in the mail. granted, this was months ago, but that means i've had lots of time for this conditioner to marinate in my mind (and my hair, yumm). :)

as far as price points go, the hairveda line as a whole is wonderfully affordable. you get a generous 16 oz bottle for not even eight dollars. there is absolutely no way you can beat that. i've been looking at the bulk size, in which you get 128 delicious ounces for not even sixty bucks. to me, that is an absolute steal. but that's only if the performance is worth it, so onto the bulk of the review...

the bottle is an incredibly basic, generic piece. no designs or pizazz and a simple label is slapped on it. one thing i do love about this bottle, however, is how easily squeezable it is. i know some companies like to give you a challenge of a bottle, but the plastic is very pliable, making it easy to squeeze out just as much or as little as you need.

i will say, hairveda's packaging does its products absolutely no justice. apart from the oils, the rest of the packaging is so bland, which does disappoint me because the quality of products are so amazing. packaging is an important part of the experience - an innovative, neat, and streamlined theme can make using a product enjoyable and fun. there's just something about nice packaging that makes using anything a treat. but at the same time, the performance of hairveda's products will quickly make you forget all about the drab bottles and tops.

one thing hairveda does consistently well, without fail, is their scents. i haven't tried a product from them yet that hasn't smelled anything less than absolutely delectable. they're rich, sweet, and decadent while maintaining to stay far away from coming across as "cheap" or "fake." i'd had this conditioner for a while and even though i wasn't using it, i would pop the top to take a few quick whiffs. the moist condition 24/7 is a light, fragrant strawberry and cream cake. it's just sweet enough with just hint of tartness to balance out the fruity scent. it is an absolute dream!

the consistency is quite loose - the conditioner slides around in the bottle with ease, translating just as smoothly to your hair. spreadability is nice and easy and the conditioner has just enough substance to avoid being labeled runny. my only complaint is that i need a generous amount to feel as though i am truly coating my hair. i haven't even used it ten times and i'm almost finished my bottle (i'd say i have about 30 percent left). now this can be due to the thinner consistency of the condish or how heavy handed i am. but i love how this spreads in my hair. ever since my hair cut, i have been using a little less. but this is so cheap that i don't mind being a little generous in my application. ;)

i will admit, when i first tried this, i wasn't nearly as impressed as i am now. i felt as though the ingredients were far too simple to do any real conditioning, but the more i use it, the more i can appreciate it. it makes an excellent detangling conditioner; the consistency lends your hair so much slip, massaging it through feels wonderful. i leave my conditioner to sit while i wash the rest of my body and when it's time to rinse, my hair feels incredibly clean and supple. my hair feels refreshed and moisturized, my curls look a little more juicier.

this will be a definite repurchase, if not a staple. i even plan to order a bottle for a girlfriend of mine. this conditioner delivers and for such an excellent price, it'd be hard to resist coming back.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)