26 March 2010

my future goodies~ (+staples)

with this new cut, i am excited to clean out my stash. :) but you know that whenever you clear out your stash, you need to replenish it! so, i have a modest list of goodies i want to try on my hair when i cut and as it grows. it's a small list and i plan to get the sample sizes, so i don't have to worry about taking forever to use them up.

i plan to purchase...
hydratherma naturals daily growth moisturizing lotion
nunu+love handmade spilled milk moisturizer
nunu+love handmade sweet harlem oil
& lush's cynthia sylvia stout shampoo

i don't feel compelled to shop for certain products anymore such as shampoo or conditioner, since i feel as though i have my staples. i love avocado butter as a staple moisturizer, but i'm open to having different kinds - i feel as though i should have one butter and one creamy moisturizer. i'm also not a big oil person, so i know my hairveda oil blends are gonna last me a looong time. i don't have a staple deep conditioner, and i'm not really interested (even though i know DCing is important), so i'll probably stick with hairveda's until i try something new (might try the jessicurl weekly deep treatment).

[shampoo] black soap, lush's cynthia sylvia stout
[conditioner] hairveda's moist 24/7, oyin's honey hemp

i need to bang out my staple moisturizers, stylers, and deep conditioner, but i have a good idea of what i'll be sticking with from now on.

also, i'll have a denman review tomorrow and i'll do my kinky curly curling custard once i play around with the knot today (which isn't turning out to be a favorite).


meeksj said...

so did u ever order the nunu products?? well let me tell u I luve that sweet harlem oil & the spilled milk moisturizer...LUV IT!!

Melyssa said...

funny you should ask because i just placed my order! the spilled milk was out of stock, but i sent an email and i'm waiting for a reply now. :)