24 March 2010

spring... FORWARD!


spring is finally upon us/me, after what seems like and endless winter and i have been itching for a change. some new color, a new cut... SOMETHING! after i took down my braids, i wanted a change so badly that i quickly seized onto the first (and most drastic) idea that came to me - why don't i shave !?

yes, that's right! shaaave!

i've mentioned before that i wanted to shave before but was talked out of it, but i plan to meet the summer heat with a cute, fresh new baldie.

i am simultaneously so excited and a little nervous. nervous because i don't know why, but exciting because i think short cuts on women are so gorgeous, especially when it suits them. i'm not sure if it'll suit my features, but i figure i'd find out. ;)

however, i can't pretend that this sudden desire is just resurfacing... i will be honest and say that frustration with my hair drove me to this point. when i took out my braids, my hair was so dry and just dull and tangled - although with good reason. i'd just spent the last 8 weeks in braids, after all, so it's to be expected. i have no clue why i was so disappointed. i'd gotten a lot of length, but my shape was still out of whack. and while i adore my new trim, i still want to shave. i do plan to rock my new trim for two or three more weeks, though, since it is sooo sexy.

but anyway, my hair seems to be delivering more bad hair days than good ones so i figure i'll just shave and enjoy the shortness for a while. and i feel as though when i let it grow out, i will be so much better equipped to handle it - from dryness to tangles, from deep conditioning to styling. i really feel like starting over completely, from scratch, so what better way to do that than a shave. i'll be killing two birds with one stone - new style and a new slate.

but i am so excited! i'm gonna step up my earring game and wear makeup more often just to offset the boyishness of the cut. i have an album of ideas i'd like and so one day next month, me and the boy toy are gonna head to his barber and snip snip.

i'm also excited that i won't have to do jack to my hair. this will be a great time to whittle down my stash (although i plan to buy more junk). but i really just want to use up my cowashes so in the next few weeks, i am going to work on finishing my aussie moist and hello hydration (never buy the bulk size, lol). i'll probably make an inventory post just to organize myself and refocus re using this crap up. most of my items are miscellaneous things that i can't/won't use up, but i do want to make some space for my new (and hopefully last!) goodies. so, when i chop, i'll probably "cowash" and moisturize everyday. i'll shampoo and "dc" once a week. it'll be so much easier with no hair, lol.

in the mean time, i'm still playing around with the kinky curly and i recently got a denman brush to help me detangle and clump my curls. i'm gonna do that in the morning and check back in tomorrow. i'm excited!


Amina said...

what is also priceless about shaving hair is the feeling of water on your scalp!!! aaamazing

Skeeta said...

ok, shave is vague. Do you mean like TWA shave or faded on the sides/back, longer up top shave? Or do u know yet?

Ohhh I'm so excited. I feel like I'M getting the haircut! I will live vicariously through u. lol- luv the "boy toy" ;o)

Melyssa said...

amina - i've always had hair, so i'm excited to experience the water right on my scalp. i can imagine it now... ahhh!

and skeeta, i'm not entirely sure yet. i'm shaving down like boys do though, lol, with a shape up and all. i actually have a few pictures of sunshine saved - i really like the shape of her sides and her taper/fade, but i'm not keeping the mohawk. ;o i want it all gone!

and now that my bf has had almost a year to imagine me with a shave, he's been quite supportive, haha. he's the one who talked me out of it when i did the BC in the first place too!

Ashley Patrice said...

sounds fun, I was debating the same but decided against it. I'm still in the twa stages so i still put makeup on and wear earrings to off set the boyish look. a really good makeup site would be everything is VERY reasonable and their products are great

Melyssa said...

i have heard a lot of good things about elf, but i just never get around to ordering. i've made several carts full of stuff, though, lol.