16 March 2010

my first trim! :)

if you've been following my blog, you'd know that i've been playing with the idea of a trim for months now. my dryness and frizzy ends were driving me crazy. i had pieces of hair that would stick out straight and my ends were rough and dry. i obviously needed a trim, but i had no clue where to start. should i go back to the barbershop? or find a natural hair salon? would i be able to find someone to trim a twa? i'd halfheartedly looked around at a few natural hair salons, but eventually, the idea/need more or less disintegrated.

that is until i took my braids out. my hair was dry, tangled, frizzy, had no shape... while i had a lot of growth, i didn't know what to do with it. so my first idea was to shave it all off. yep. i'd wanted to shave my hair when i first chopped but i was quickly talked down from that ledge (i still want to shave, lol). i was fully set on shaving until someone suggested i was just bored with my hair. so, instead of making such a drastic change, i decided to look into the trim i'd been wanting for so long. there's nothing like a trim to make you feel brand new. :)

i'd decided to go to the Hair Company USA, which i'd heard many good things about. the trim was affordable - $25 dollars, and then i had a ten dollar coupon. i was on time for my appointment at 10:30 and was seen maybe ten minutes after i'd arrived, which wasn't bad. my stylist was candice, who was very sweet. conversation was easy with her and i felt comfortable in her chair. she was very meticulous with my trim and i felt good as i saw the tufts of hair (small and large) fall into my lap. i fingered the small balls of hair, feeling the roughness that was no longer a part of my head! i was excited.

i'd wanted a trim and two-strand twists, but ended up getting a trim and a steam. once candice had finished cutting, i didn't have enough hair for two-strand twists. she chopped a lot of hair, but it wasn't because of scissor-happy stylist-dom. she explained to me what she was doing during the entire process - i had so many lengths all over my head and i wanted them evened out. my sides were ridiculously long, so those had to be cut to the rest of my head. she gave me a cute shape - a close back, with a little height at the top. it makes me look a little boyish, but i adore the cut! it is just too cute and i feel as though i have a cute little style. i might go for a shape-up for my edges though, just to make the style even sharper.

the entire ordeal took about two hours, i left a little before noon-thirty (lol). i steamed for forty-five minutes, but other than that, i was never left sitting to wait, which is great. i hate sitting around salons, bored and uncomfortable, waiting for my stylist to see me.

my only complaint would have to be the shampoo she used. she lathered twice and i didn't realize until i got home that it was very stripping. not a big issue to correct, but seeing as how i rarely shampoo my own hair (and always with a gentle shampoo), it was a little surprising to me.

all in all, i had a very pleasant experience and i do plan to return. :)


Skeeta said...

ooh it sounds like u had a good experience!

The shampoo, although stripping, may have been ggod for your hair to get rid of braid buildup. Just do a good Deep condition and I'm sure it will be fine.

Lethal pleazure

just cut her hair into a boycut and she looks SO cute.
Or maybe you can add a long part? I dunno... But I'm sure its cute. ;o)

Melyssa said...

i realized it was stripped when i came home to do a DC and it still felt dry, lol. i've just upped my cowashing and things are doing fine. :]

and thanks for the link! which video is it?

Melyssa said...

okay, i found it! i love it! that's a little like what i have, but i didn't know it had a proper name. maybe i'll get that!