17 February 2011

so. i loafed. (+goals!)

hey there curlies!

how is everyone? well, i hope!

i know... i've been gone for over a month, but it has been a crazy time! i earned a B in my winter linguistics class and spring semester has started. i'm also working now, so that does take up a few more hours of my day. i'm also vice president of an organization on campus so that gives me all kinds of new tasks to take on.

still, that's no excuse for my absence and i suppose i should explain what's going on. i'm back in braids! i was so tempted to cut down to a fade after that fiasco with that scissor happy stylist, that i decided to tuck my hair away lest i do something else to it! poor izzy - i am always doing something with her. i got senegalese again and it's been four weeks so far. my goal is to keep these in until spring break (march 20). i plan to have my edges redone every four weeks to keep them looking fresh. once i get to spring break, we'll see how my hair is doing - i'd love to be able to go as long as the entire semester. i'm not sure how likely that is, but we'll see!

last spring, i was able to keep my braids in for eight weeks, so i'm sure i can surpass it this time! i spray every other day with some diluted oyin hair dew (freaking LOVE this stuff, can't wait to type up a review!) and clean my scalp with the ORS dry shampoo.

like last time, i'm loving the lack of work. last time i got braids, my hair seemed to sprout of my head. i didn't appreciate all that hair and cut it off about a week later, lol. i'm hoping for that same kind of surprise at the end of this semester! after seeing all the progress i made in the fall, i was a little disappointed having it all lopped off, but it was only about three-four months of growth. besides, i'm starting off this semester with much more hair than i did this semester, so i'm sure i'll get great growth this time around. :)

hair wise, i haven't been doing too much so i haven't been blogging too much either, despite all these reviews i want to get out to you guys. (i was doing so well too!) but i was wondering, what are everyone's goals for this year? hair related or not? i love writing down and organizing my own goals and it's always nice to hear others, so what are yours?

so far, mine are:
  • retain all new length
  • try a curly weave for fall/winter!
  • make dean's list
  • be accepted into a research program
  • find a second job
  • end the year with 10 piercings (i have six now and am going for one more this week!)

how about you guys?! :)


BeesOHoney said...

YAY! Glad to have you back ^_^ *whistles* You have a busy schedule- work, school, extracurricular organization (nice title by the way) AND blogging.0_0 Impressive. I can't wait to hear your review on Oyin. <3