25 February 2011

update on my no-buy!

just a quick blog post updating my personal no buy challenge! i only started this challenge the end of november, but i know it's important to keep checking in just to manage my progress. it's good to remind myself of my goals and acknowledge my progress. :)

so, in addition to hair products, i've also banned myself from body washes, eyeliners, lip glosses, and skincare products.

i have been doing great on the hair product tip! i have a whole stash of goodies at home, some products i haven't even tried yet! the simplicity of braids definitely helps with any and all urges to shop. that isn't to say i haven't looked at products - i love browsing! but i haven't felt the urge or compelled to actually buy anything and i'm so proud of that! i was sent some products recently, but i didn't buy them so i'm safe, LOL!

i definitely have a (surprisingly) little wishlist of products i'd like to try, but i feel proud knowing that i can wait. they will be there for me to try later and if they're not, oh well! i can't miss what i've never had and there are tons of other products waiting to be explored.

body wash is a little tougher, just because i have a ton of bar soap and it's not as convenient as liquid body washes. i've been tempted to buy one or two body washes, but i remember my challenge and slip the product back up onto the shelf. i tell myself, i don't have much body to wash in the first place, and i have three huge bars of soap i ordered from chagrin valley very early last year and haven't even opened them yet! and i refuse to waste my money!

skin care... i failed this part of my challenge! whoops! i sometimes just can't help myself. i have a few areas of hyperpigmentation and anyone that has it knows how much of a hassle it is! it really makes one self conscious. i bought several samples of dermalogica products, and a full size cleanser and exfoliator. i am happy with these two products thus far, and it quelled the urge for anymore (expensive) dermalogica products, so i can confidently say i won't be buying anymore skin care products. i also decided to try a glycolic acid peel. now that i have something a little more heavy duty in my arsenal, i think it'll help with my urge to constantly try a hundred-and-one products (which are usually weak because extracts aren't really effective).

oh, i also got some cream from a vendor in thailand, but i'm scared of the ingredients breaking me out! i tried it on my neck and it seems to be okay. i'll just use that on my neck until i get the nerve to try it on my skin.

i know this post wasn't exactly hair-focused, but my no buy encompasses more than just hair products, so i figure it'd be good to include everything. :) maybe some of you are on a no buy as well, with hair, clothes, shoes, whatever.

if you are on a no buy, how are you doing so far? chime in!