08 May 2010

about this he'a hurr cut...

i am loving every bit of my hair cut! don't have to wait years for some gel to dry, don't have to worry about what i'll do with my fro when i go out, no lumpy afro, no frizz. i firmly believe every woman should enjoy a low-maintenance, short cut. when i tell you all it is bliss, i am not lying! i shampoo my hair whenever my scalp feels a little itchy, and just moisturize morning and night.

my single complaint... is that it grows back so dang fast. i plan to go back to get it cut back down next weekend. i love it when i can't see tiny strands of hair at attention, even after smoothing. i also think it just looks a lot neater cut low. i also feel as though i need to shampoo and moisturize often, but it's not much of a hassle when it's low. it itches as it starts to grow back, though.

it's also nice to know that i'm the only girl on my (huge) campus with this hair cut. i feel even more unique than before and it shows. i confidence when through the roof when i first chopped, but now i feel nothing less than invincible. who knew that being a baldy would be so empowering? ;)

oddly enough, i have gotten a lot more attention from the males than usual. when i first went natural, my twa hadn't earned me any obvious attention from the mens. which was perfectly fine - i hadn't gone natural for the compliments, from men or women. now, where the attention is coming from, i really can't say. maybe it's because it's finally hot out and i'm showing more skin. maybe it's because i'm wearing a little makeup more often. still wearing earrings and perfume daily, so i knew it wasn't that, but i'm sure it helps.

i know that just saying "i'm getting more attention" is pretty vague, so i'll try to put it into perspective. when i had my twa, compliments quickly petered out after i'd first chopped. i got no attention from those of the opposite sex because of my hair. now, i have boys moving to talk to me on the bus. dudes literally turning in their car to watch me as they drive by. a boy i'd never spoken to in class turns around to compliment me three times. dudes rubbing my neck and smoothing my hair in a sweaty dance club (ew). even the bus drivers are (more) eager to greet me. some boy in the library could tell i was "bad" and subsequently offered me his number (uhh... right). obviously, something's up, right?

and i won't lie - i love the attention, but even more than that, i love the feeling it gives me. features i'd previously disliked about myself (my straight nose, my "large" ears) now don't seem nearly as unattractive as i'd previously thought. my ears are far from large and my nose is damn cute. it's really amazing how hair and its shape and style can change angles and perspectives.

of course, with short hair, i feel a little bit more pressure to act feminine, to offset the boyishness. other than wearing makeup daily, i can't really say if i've made any pointed efforts towards that end, but i know i have definitely, unconsciously tried to be a little more demure, a little more flirtatious.

but where does this leave me? i'd like to have long hair one day, but this cut is just too nice to give up... i've planned to keep it short for the summer and let it grow out during the winter (because things are ten times colder when you have no hair). i may cut again during the summer, not sure. i feel like this hair cut is definitely a stylist summer style, where you have the sun beating down and warming every inch of you. i'm not too sure about the winter though and i am cold blooded creature. guess i'll just have to invest in some new hats and scarves.

i am excited to have a twa again though, now that i feel i'll be able to better take care of it and style it. and, of course, always excited to try out some new products.

as for my motivation for cutting... no real reason. :) i've always wanted to and i'm beginning to get over waiting for things i want to do. i decided now was the perfect time!

and there you have my update! the next few posts will probably be product reviews.