08 May 2010

[review] shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl and style conditioning milk

ingredients: coming soon

i knew i was supposed to have this review up a long time ago for lovely, lovely skeeta, buttt... i dropped the ball on that one and she ended up reviewing it before me! so, to make amends, i've decided to go ahead and finally bang out this review now.

typing up the title to this review, i realized... the shea moisture line has far too many offshoots, pre-titles, sub-titles, and actual titles. i mean, look at how long the name of this thing is! in my review of their deep conditioner, i mentioned that the label had a lot of information written on it. while i think this is a defining characteristic to the line, it's obvious to see that shea moisture doesn't subscribe to the age-old adage that less is more.

like with the deep conditioner, i found this at my local target. you get a weighty 8 oz bottle for about ten dollars, which isn't bad. accessibility and natural ingredients make this an appealing buy. the scent is fresh and... new. i don't think i've ever smelled hibiscus, so i suppose that's what that was. just sweet enough with a hint of floral to temper it and add an interesting twang. however, while i did like the scent, i grew tired of it in about a week. i don't think i could go around smelling like it all day.

one thing i like about the shea moisture line is there packaging. the deep conditioner jar is solid with a little weight and a very soft-edged finish. the bottle is no different - a little thicker than your standard cosmetic jar, and very appealing edges/shape (i know i sound like such a nerd - how can a bottle be appealing? lol). the label is an interesting (like all there colors), muted, pastel-ish peachy/blood orange, which works well enough with the deep brown lettering, although i wish the letters didn't have that same matte tone - a crisper color would really make the colors pop.

the consistency is a little thicker than the deep conditioner, and that coupled with the thickness of the bottle can make squeezing it out a little tough, especially if you want a good sized glob. but take that with a grain of salt - i can barely open a door without struggling. only thing about this "milk" (and a lot of other "milks"), is that i feel the consistency is a touch too thick to be called a milk. i expect a thinner product that moves/slides easily, but still as a touch of creaminess to it.

ingredient wise, this product touts an impressive list; it's got your basic natural product ingredient tenants: shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc., which a few extra herbs and such thrown in there for kick. as you can see above, the ingredient list is quite lengthy, so you can be sure you're getting a lot of good stuff onto your noodle, but is all of that together at once the the best combination? if performance is any indication, probably not.

as far as the title goes, this didn't give me any kind of "curl" or "style," it defined nothing for me, which is usually a good indicator of the moisture a product will impart. when my hair is saturated with moisture and nutrients, my curls are quick to spring up with little manipulation; that didn't happen this time. i massaged a good amount of this into damp hair and went to sleep. when i awoke, my hair felt unremarkable. it didn't feel moisturized like i was used to, but it wasn't quite dry either. but running this stuff through my hair, i felt as though i was just coating my strands with it. even on my little fro, i could feel it being weighted down, which i didn't like. i felt as though i would need another wash just so i could put another moisturizer on and have it actually penetrate.

all in all, i am really underwhelmed by this product. this is one shea moisture that did nothing for my hair, and quite honestly, i wasn't expecting much in the first place. i suppose i could've used this to twist or braid with (if my hair was longer); i've heard some ladies like using it that way with great results , but i won't be repurchasing to find out (and it's already been regifted, so no hard feelings).

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)


Skeeta said...

I totally agree. Awesome review, u right so well. ;o)