14 May 2010

the d:series -- contents

here's a rough outline of the ideas i wanted to touch on in this series. you can think of it as a chapter of contents. :)

001: not everyone is "meant" to be natural (and this is true)
002: not everyone has "curly" hair (kind of ties into the point above)
003: being natural is not "easy"
004: being natural is not "cheap"
005: being natural will not always make you "prettier"
006: being natural does not make you "better" than your relaxed counterparts
007: to be continued...

soo... as you can see, some of these titles might already ruffle some feathers. good. i want them to. i want this series to spark debate. i obviously don't know everything and can only present my thoughts on the points above. i want to know what everyone else thinks. there are always things i may not have considered or may not have been aware of and i want to have meaningful dialogue. also, if there are other points i may have completely skipped that you'd like to see discussed, by all means, please let me know!

i'm not sure if i'll do these points in order; because of that, i may not even number the posts. but i do plan to have the first post for this series tonight. :]


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read your thoughts!

Skeeta said...

sorry to hijack ur post but I wanted to respond...

so I 4got u hennad? I wonder y u didn't get color change? Isn't ur hair lighter than mine? What kind of henna did u use? Y didn't u ever post on it?

I would LOVE to use henna with no color change, but of course its unpredictable and I'm sure my hair would turn auburn, or auburn highlights, which I Still don't want.

*still waiting on the henna post* ;o)