26 November 2010

i am on a product NO-BUY! for six months!

yep, that's right. i'm putting myself on a hair product no-buy for the next six months!

but... why?!

due to the combined efforts of the amazing generosity of the lovely ladies of lhcf and black friday, i now have more than enough hair creams and conditioners than izzy can handle! amongst handfuls of adorable sample sizes and free full sizes, i plan to spend the next six months shopping my stash.

i have everything i need: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer, oil, etc. and i really shouldn't be buying more products when i have a backlog of others that i need to review (some have been sitting around for months). so i'll be working on that. i'll also be updating my inventory post with my entire stash.

here are my rules for myself:

  1. no new product purchases. this includes sample sizes (this is how i end up with so many)!
  2. only allowing repurchases of staple products and products i adore.
  3. work on at least one review a week (maybe not post, but at least begin working on one).
how about you ladies? any of you getting a little out of hand with your buying? did you participate in BF? what did you buy?!

edit: just coming back to add a brief list of the things i am not allowed to buy (in addition to hair products), because if i have a more concrete list, i won't be tempted to buy!

no more: body wash, soap, lotion (unless it's a smell good!), eyeliner, lipgloss, skin care products.
i will allow: blushes and nail polish.


Urban Napps said...

Good luck! I know its hard especially when you go to someone's blog and you see a great review..You think "oooh sounds good..let me try this" lol


Melyssa said...

girl, like a day later, i found a brand new product line that sounds amazing. smh.

trust & believe, i'm keeping a list... lol!