14 November 2010

time for inventory...

earlier this year when i cut my hair, i managed to whittle down my product stash by quite a bit. i was quite happy buying samples as i wanted, and using them up within the week before moving on to the next thing. i never felt as though i needed a number of products. my short-hair mentality was: little hair, little products.

a month or so ago, i decided to let my hair grow out and as you can see from my pictures, i've been doing just that. however, my buying habits still had a short-hair mentality. over the past few weeks, i've ordered a number of samples and products and now, i have more than i care to possess. now that i'm only washing once a week (my deep conditioning on sundays), my product stash hasn't had many losses to balance the incoming goodies. 

so i'm doing a little spring (fall?) cleaning of my stash so i can keep better track of the items i already have. hopefully, i won't be tempted to order anymore (except black friday, that is...)

christine gant babassu cream deep conditioner (sample)
jasmine's avocado & silk deep conditioner (sample)
mozeke moisturizing hair masque
jessicurl weekly deep conditioning treatment
hairveda moist conditioner 24/7
oyin handmade honey+hemp conditioner
jasmine's babassu buttercream organic conditioner
ori organics golden jojoba hydrating conditioner
ori organics curl restorative masque: deep conditioner
bear fruit hair olive drench conditioner
bear fruit hair mango macadamia mask

hairveda cococasta shikakai oil
hairveda avosoya oil
hairveda vatika frosting
mozeke alma herbal infusion
oyin handmade burnt sugar pomade

[moisturizers, etc]
christine gant sweet milk leave-in
jasmine's shea butter cream rinse leave-in
qhemet biologics alma olive heavy cream
qhemet biologics honey hydrating balm
darcy's botanicals shea butter curl moisturizing cream
oyin handmade hair dew
kinky curly knot today leave-in
ori organics replenishing hair milk (sample)
ori organics moisture balancing buttercream (sample)

nbd cosmetics moisture miracle
darcy's botanicals curling cream gel
donna marie miracurl curling jelly
donna marie dream curling creme
kinky curly curling custard
ori organics curl styling buttercream (sample)

aaand... some samples from bee mine.

i know this doesn't seem like a lot, but my desk is getting crowded with all kinds of conditioners and creams and i would like that space back, lol. to me, this seems like quite a lot since i don't use as many products as often now that i wash less. i also have the full sizes of a few of these products, but even sample sizes can take a while to whittle down.

reviews might be coming a little slower too, since i like to really work with a product before i review it. since i'm not washing my hair as often, i won't be using my products as often, so... slower reviews. but i do plan to have at least two up each week. there are lots of products that i have tried that i haven't yet written about.


Anonymous said...

Inventory... what a cool post idea. I think I need to do the same!