03 August 2011

[review] donna marie miracurl curling gelly

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera juice,  vegetable glycerin,  Provitamin B-5, avocado oil,  Linseed extract, herbal infusion of plantago extract, Rosemary, Slippery elm and hibiscus, xanthan gum, alkanet root, potassium sorbate, silver citrate, citric acid and fragrance.

[ pricing ]
you can get a whopping 18 oz for $21.00, which i think is very agreeable. 18 oz is a huge size and sure to last just about forever, and it comes down to roughly $0.86 an ounce. 

however, one thing i don't like is that the only option you have is this huge size. i held off on purchasing for so long because i couldn't justify spending the money on a massive bottle of a product i've never even tried before. i got lucky with a friend of mine was willing to share hers with me. otherwise, i probably would've never even tried.

*note: the website says you get 18 oz, but the picture of the bottle says 16 oz, so i'm not sure which is true. it's possible they decided to go with a larger size.

[ packaging ]
since someone was kind enough to share their product with me, i didn't get the original container (although the one she sent it in is incredibly nice, lol). i won't talk much about the presentation. from what i can see on the website, it looks like a beautiful bottle and the label is colorful and elaborate, which i don't see too often. the design on the label is incredibly thorough and i'd love to be able to experience it in person.

i like that since the design/graphics are so elaborate, the don't try to load the label down with tons of information.
[ scent ]
the scent of this is light and pleasant, although i can detect a very, very subtle hit of either artificial fragrance or the ingredients used. it's slightly sweet, not sugary, and i can't draw any comparisons to any flowers or fruits that i might know. i think it's pleasant and not overpowering, although i can see how some people might not care for it. it is more "perfume-y" than many of the other hair products i've tried. it seems a fairly generic scent but i really liked using it and smelling it on my hair. it left izzy very lightly fragranced, and the scent lasted maybe a day or two.
[ consistency ]
like the name says, it does have a jelly consistency and wobbles minimally. it kind of trembles if you shake the container. it's a beautiful, dusty berry color and has little bits in it, but i can't pinpoint from the ingredients list exactly what it is, like tiny seeds or something - it really does make it seem even more berry-like! 

it slips around easily within my jar and it's got a very light, spreadable consistency and not sticky! it spread through my hair easily and it's very easy to grab only a tiny amount - a quick tap to the surface with a fingertip is all i needed for one coil.

[ performance ]
i tried this earlier in the year after taking out my first set of braids. i used it to do some finger coils and could feel the little seeds in between my fingers, but they didn't show up in my hair (makes me wonder why they're even in there, but i like them, lol).

i really felt as though it helped to smooth the cuticle of my hair and my coils were so springy and light! the hold was very soft, which i liked, but i can't remember how many days i got out of them.

the shine isn't on the same level as eco styler, but i can see this being a great product for a (wet/damp) shingle or wash-n-go. i haven't used it in those capacities, but i wanted to get this review out. i will definitely try using this more in the future.
[ customer service ]
since i didn't order, i don't have any comments on customer service on that end, but i did send an email through the website and never got a reply. tsk tsk!

this was a nice product and i will definitely use up the remainder of what i have, but i don't see myself ever purchasing or repurchasing. i will work and see how i like it for different purposes, but the price and size can't outdo eco styler gels, which are readily available at many stores. it's a fun gel to use and i know a lot of ladies like it, so at the very least i can say i am looking forward to using what i do have. :)

ftc disclaimer: this product was sent to me by a good friend. :) i am in no way (nor is she) affiliated with this company and i was not paid for this review.


Jo Somebody said...

Great review as always! I dunno why I'm just noticing Donna Marie products when they seem to be everywhere! I'd point out though that 18oz for $21 is $1.67 per ounce (you divided the wrong way round OR what you meant to say is 0.86oz per dollar...)

Melyssa said...

girl even simple math gives me a headache, LOL. thanks for the correction!