01 August 2011

summer styling circuit: finger coils

i did this sunday night after coming back from the beach. i had plans to go downtown with a friend today so even though i was quite tired, i decided to go ahead and get it out of the way. funny how i don't even mind doing izzy anymore, when i used to avoid wash day before. ;)

still in my twists (which were quite frizzy, but held up well), i shampooed with the mozeke just peachy shampoo and steamed with the limited edition hairveda "green" conditioner. i moisturized with the bee mine before styling.

washing in twists was new to me and i don't feel as though this method was as efficient as leaving my hair loose. i will probably try again as my hair grows longer. i didn't feel like untwisting all those small twists to wash and then twist the section back up. i find that keeping my hair sectioned makes styling go by so much easier.

i untwisted a few twists before detangling with my denman. i separated a small section of hair, smoothed on some gel and coiled, coiled, coiled it around my finger. it took me a little less than two hours, the longest i've spent styling my hair so far on this mini-challenge.

as i got to the front, the orientation of my hands changed (naturally, not on purpose) so without realizing it, i began coiling some to the right instead of the left. my front came out a little messy because of it, but i don't mind it too much. you can see how much more uniform the back is when compared to the front, lol.

i've been wanting to try coils again for a little while now, but could never commit to the time it took to do them. as a style, they easily hold up for days, look good, and keep your hair stretched. keeping my hair sectioned definitely helped things to go faster this time around. while i like the look, i don't see myself doing this style too often. a coil-out might be cute and i plan to try one this week as my final style, but as my hair gets longer it might be easier to just set on flexirods.

i'll have about two more posts in this cute little series before i'm done! my two weeks turned into three weeks, but i surprisingly don't mind. :)


Shawnystheone said...

I would so love coils but I dont have the patience to do them on myself, yours are so lovely, so I guess I will live thru you

Melyssa said...

lol, i definitely know how you feel! i probably won't do these again for a long time