13 January 2012

egg treatments are everything. EVERYTHING!

since i'm home for winter break, i've been spending a lot of time experimenting and playing in my hair and having tons of fun! i'm refining my wash routine and trying out some new styles. so far i've had a lot of good ideas, but a lot of misses. 

i'm realizing a lot of things about my hair, including that it's not nearly as thick or as kinky as i'd like. :/ i want a huge, shapely twistout for once! my hair sticks straight out from my head on the sides, and then falls in the back in the worst mullet you've ever seen. the back is both looser and longer so it just looks unnaturally long! i've been considering shopping around for a hair cut (just some shaping), but i'm gonna work with it first.

since i've been manipulating it so often, i wanted to do a protein treatment just to ward off any breakage. i usually do a light protein before/after braids, weave, straightening, etc. i've been halfheartedly using aphogee 2-minute, slapping it on without noting the results. i wanted something a little stronger and didn't want to buy anything so i decided to try an egg treatment.

on freshly shampooed and sectioned hair, i poured one beat egg over my hair, squeezing it into all my twists. it's super runny and i went through two towels (oops), but at least now i know what to do next time. i covered it with a plastic cap and let it sit for roughly 15 minutes before rinsing. i prodded at my twists a little to see if they hardened and they were a little stiff. i thoroughly rinsed twice, undoing those twists that needed extra rinsing. my hair didn't feel dry at all, but i continued on with a new deep conditioner.

oh my lawwwwwwd

i love eggs!

my fro loves protein!

as i applied my dc, my curls were ridiculously springy and defined! as i combed through the conditioner with my denman, my ends did thee most miraculous thing…they curled up, WITH NO FRIZZ.

let's think about that for a moment.

i don't usually discuss my ends at length, but one of my goals this year were to baby them more. they always feel rough and frizzy when compared to the rest of my hair. heavy sealing helps to mask the problem but it wasn't a cure. some were single strand knots, which sometimes search and destroy, some were just frizzy ends. but when i brushed this time…ughhhh i don't have the words to describe it! they just looked so lush and smooth and beautiful. i ran my fingers down the strands and no frizz! NO FRIZZ! no roughness, no nothing.

i also noticed that my hair shrunk up a lot more than last time, which is fine with me. shrinkage is a good sign.

gosh, i love it so much, i wanna do it again lol. i plan to do these at least once a month. my hair feels amazing. next time, i may try it with a bit of yogurt or summin. the deep conditioner i used was amazing as well, holy grail status outcheaaa. i want to review it right now (have it sitting next to me actually), but i want to give it another try by itself so that i can more accurately report my results.