16 January 2012

[review] saravun broccoli hair butter

ingredients: shea butter, castor oil, broccoli oil, camellia oil, vitamin e

this was sent to me by a good friend maybe a week or two ago and i have been using it every chance i get since then! this is one of the products that recently made me realize that i need to start sealing in my moisture with heavier, waterless creams and butters. i'm so happy she sent it to me, so onto the review!

all of saravun's products on etsy are extremely affordable, which i love. she packages her products by weight, so you get 3 ounces of broccoli hair butter (8 ounces by volume), for only $6.00! you can't beat that and that price is only sweetened with the product actually works. her store presents a simple line-up, with simple ingredients (which i like), and the most expensive product is only $8.00. you can't beat that. and if you're lightheaded with the product (which i haven't been :P), the value is increased. 

the jar my butter arrived in is simple and straightforward, with a silver top (which is new for me). it's your standard, functional jar with a straightforward, plain white label. the information is balanced well and the space is well taken advantage of. the print is black and the font is simple and pleasant. one thing i immediately noticed was the simplicity of the labeling, but i don't mind it one bit. 

the scent is also something i immediately, noticed lol. ironically, right before i began using this, i had read a quick thread about the benefits of broccoli oil and the smell. it definitely has a green, veggie scent to it. it doesn't stink, and smells like the produce aisle. since it does have broccoli oil in it, that's too be expected and the presence of the smell lets me know that the ingredients are unrefined. 

when i dipped my finger into the jar, i was shocked! this is an incredibly light and airy butter. my finger just glides across the surface, it's such a treat! it emulsified quickly and easily into the hands and spreads richly onto my hair without being heavy or greasy (depending on how much i glob on).

it's performance is in line with the rest of the review: it's great! on damp hair, it seals in the moisture for days and works wonders on dry hair styling. broccoli oil is said to give amazing shine and it definitely delivers. i remember taking down my rollers from a braid n curl and staring at this one section of my hair, it looked so dark and glossy. i especially like this hair butter for a braidout.

customer service
since i was given this by a friend, i can't comment in saravun's customer service. i haven't heard any complaints, so i'm assuming it'd be a pleasant experience. 

i would definitely repurchase this in the future if i felt so inclined. :) i want to try out a few other products, but this is something i would love to keep in my arsenal. the shine it gives would be great for a flat iron job.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was sent to me by a good friend (who is also unaffiliated with the company, lol). :)