06 January 2012

end of year flat iron + the best wash day ever, man

i hope everyone had a beautiful christmas, kwanzaa, new year's eve/day, etc. :) my izzy has been on quite a few adventures these past two weeks so i wanted to share! so this may be a long post, but at least there are pictures lol

for christmas, i wore a twistout that came out beautifully! i deep conditioned with bee mine's dc and moisturized my hair in sections with my shea butter mix. i typically use this for my body, but it was the only thing i had in my apartment. i did small twists on damp hair all over with some eco styler argan oil gel. the twists took maybe two hours, which is typical, and i wore them for a few days. i took them out on christmas day and couldn't keep my hands out my hair! i got a ton of compliments on the look and will definitely do it again in the future.

unfortunately, i don't have many pictures. i'll have to ask my aunt to forward me the ones she took, then i'll update this post. i do have one cellphone pic, tho:

one thing i learned is that my hair looooves butter mixes! i've unofficially sworn off leave-ins and other moisturizers. simple really is the best thing, man. my hair was moisturized for the entire week, even in this winter air. i literally could not keep my fingers out of my head! omg, even just thinking about it… knowing this is going to make keeping my stash small so much easier. i never quite had my moisturizing routine down and have finally found the perfect method for my hair. even qhemet biologics heavy cream didn't have the same result for me, no matter how much i've tried to love it.

the twistout style lasted well until the following wednesday (dec 28), when i went to a dominican salon for a blowout. it was such an experience: i'd never seen my strands so flat or straight! i didn't get any length pictures, but my hair in the back is actually very long!

straight hair was fun, but i definitely don't know how to care for it too well. i could feel/hear my strands breaking and snapping and see them on the bathroom floor. it just made me paranoid. i kept it for about a week before i decided to wash it out.

now for the best wash day ever…

last night, i shampooed with ors creamy aloe, relieved to see my curls spring back. the heat might've loosened my curl pattern, i can't tell, since i kept my hair stretched for my entire washing, which i had never done before. pattern loosening aside, i had no heat damage, which was my biggest concern since i flat ironed again on my own when my ends got a little frizzy.

i sectioned my hair in twists then applied aphogee's 2 min protein (i always use a protein when coming out of braids, so it made sense to use it now). i like this product, and should review it, since i'm considering perhaps looking for a heavier protein. i rinsed that out, undoing each twist and retwisting it individually. i steamed with a purabody naturals deep conditioner, letting it sit in a while longer after steaming. once that was rinsed out, i finished up with a cold acv rinse.

my original plan was to do some mini twists, but i had plans to go out and was inspired to try a twistout again. i moisturized each section with saravun broccoli hair butter (love!) before breaking it into slightly smaller sections to twist. i changed my method of twisting, which gave me a more plump, uniform, stretched twist (my previous twisting wasn't the best, either). i sealed my ends with jbco.

i haven't taken my twists down yet but i cannot keep my hands out of my head. good lawd, i wish y'all could feel! i tried a lot of new products/methods this time around, so it's hard to say what did what, but i def plan to keep this general process. i'll make a separate blog post about it soon! my twists are so plump and soft, my goodness, are they soft! a little oily on the ends, but i'm always heavy handed with castor oil. i'm also surprised at how stretched the twists are. like i said, i can't be too sure why there is less shrinkage, but i won't complain about it. stretched hair is untangled, happy hair. 

my hair hasn't felt this good in a long time and i just wanna hug myself every time i think about it. i'm hoping this twistout is as banging i think it's gonna be. i'd have more pictures, but i don't have my memory card. :( phone pics will have to be good enough for now! i'll def get some pictures of the twistout once i take these down.


Skeeta said...

Wow look at how much ur hair has grown! Ur hair is def looking longer than mine. Uve done a great job!

Jessica said...

Your hair has grown so much and it looks great! :)

Melyssa said...

thanks so much! :)