12 August 2009

[daily] mini buy and not-quite-reviews

i ended up buying more hair stuff (bad, i know!), but it kind of wasn't even my fault because i didn't pay for it. i was almost gonna end up with a whole new tub of conditioner, but i wasn't about to let my SO spend 25 dollars on some conditioner. so, i got little sample sizes of things instead.

i got the healthy sexy hair daily conditioner (nothing special) and moisturizing treatment. and the sexy curls curly cream. they all smell terrible. but they're sample sizes, so i'll use them up. i'm far from expecting a miracle, but the packaging/colors are just so nice and i love sample sizes of anything. i tried the daily conditioner once and wasn't impressed.

i also found the big 33.8 oz container of alter ego linange conditioner under my bed from when i bough the relaxer set. slapped it in my hair and let it sit for a little while. nothing too big to report but i did notice that my curls near my hairline were more like waves - that's never happened before. so i'll try this DC in earnest next time and report back.

also trying the HE LTR leave-in, since i hear so many good things about it. i wanted to give it another try before i give it away. so far, i am liking it, much to my surprise. i used it last night and his morning and my hair is soft and moisturized and has a very light scent. i'll see how this goes. also need to revisit the HS 14n1 before i give that away too.

so many products, so little hair...