25 August 2009

i won a contest! (and other updates!)

ooh, so exciting! i am seriously one of those people who have never won a contest in their lives. at least, outside of elementary school.

the lovely Mae from going au naturale was holding the cutest contest. send in your ten reasons why you love being natural or want to go natural and you could win - and how sweet is this - samples of handmade products she made with all her love and care, aw. i won the brown sugar body scrub, which sounds so delicious; i can't wait to try it. i love anything with shea butter in it and brown sugar for my brown sugar skin is just perfect. i will definitely let her know how it worked for me. :)

here's a link to the blog post with the winners: clickety!

and in other news, actually... i guess you could say i won something else. after reading nothing but glowing reviews on the ecostyler gel, i decided to buy the 8 oz to try it out. 8 oz is still a lot for this twa, but i decided i could try it and my mum likes gels, so i could always let her have it. imagine my surprise when i get home and find this huge box waiting for me... "that's a lot of cushioning," i thought to myself. i open the box to find a 32 OZ (!!) container of gel! i was so stunned, i started laughing. no way could i use all of that up. but if it's as good as everyone raves, i may find some long-term use in it. at least gel doesn't rot (to my knowledge).

so i've been arbitrarily using it these past few days and i have to say, i love the way it slicks down my edges. like nobody's business! my curls have a hint of shine and are extraordinarily defined. i'll do a full review of this soon, perhaps tomorrow when i can take picture with my hair with and without the gel in it. so excited for that! i really have a lot to say about this gel!

natural life is by far the most rewarding life. :)