04 September 2009

feeling the crunch...

so, first day of school and i got my first compliment from a stranger! on campus! she was with some table trying to get people to sign up for something. after my boyfriend politely declined, she said, "well, i'm loving your hair!" with real enthusiasm and gave me a wink. i was soooo happy! i cheesed for a good few minutes afterwards. she was natural, too. oh, the solidarity. <3

in other news. i'm starting to feel the crunch... the crunch of hair. not good. i got a good run out of my gel, but realized i need to focus on keeping my moisture levels up. i tried making a hair cream for myself and it's alright, i suppose. not quite sure how i feel about it. i think i'll just keep my mix to shea butter and coconut oil. there was a great video i saw on youtube that i might try. mix of shea butter, coconut oil, and oyin handmade burnt sugar - yummy. and it came out so creamy, too. i need to find the video and then give it another try.

until then, i'm going back to my shea butter and jbco and using up this elasta qp mango butter. i moisturize every day, so it may be trouble with porosity. i will try an acv rinse and see if that helps at all. sure hope so.

apart from that... could you believe i was once excited over the discovery of the single-strand knot? they're unique to natural hair, i've discovered and come by the dozens. when i first discovered them, i was so interested, that i would search and pluck hairs just so i could look at them. i've since stopped, but do feel the urge every one in a while. i've heard to just cut the ends or use a safety pin to work the knot out. hair's not long enough for the pin idea to be safe, so i'll stick with cutting. also getting hair that knots together at the ends, that i end up breaking a hair to get them separated.

just a quick update.


Nika said...

great blog, i'll be reading as I'm currently transitioning (again)

Izzy said...

i hope this helps you, then! good luck. :)