22 September 2009

natural mistakes. . . (and me looking "puerto rican")

as much as i love being natural, i am learning that there are things that you just don't do. what i love, however, is that i'm not blaming my hair for any of its dryness or poofiness. it's working with me the best it can, and like me, it has its down days. instead of wallowing and "punishing" my dear TWA by letting it remain dry, i need to take care of it and give it the tlc it needs.

but anyway, yeah, what you don't do? muss around in the back of your head, thinking you've found a mother of a single strand knot. first off, common sense would tell you that no SINGLE strand of hair is that thick (you're grabbing at multiple strands, girl, dang!). second, if you can't tug it out the first, second, or third... (shame, i know) time, then you need to stop. not grab and yank it out. imagine my surprise when i found four-five crazy strands of hair instead of the one i swore i was plucking! all twisted and kinky and banding together at the end to make a knot that wasn't really a knot at all and unravels itself with a single tug. sigh... like i said, i'm learning.

still need to take pictures to update my two months, but my hair is definitely getting longer and the longer it gets, the more unruly! my curls, however, aren't as small as when i first BC'ed and clump together around my halo (nape, edges, sides). my strands are thick and wiry near the ends, but so frigging soft near the roots. i'm also out of my mango butter and homemade hair cream and i'm wondering just what i'm going to do next. don't feel like making more. no money to go splurge (while my list steadily grows). hoping my beloved shea butter will do me right. but i have gotten several compliments the past two weeks that my hair is growing, which is always surprising. i mean, yeah, I know my hair is, but i never assume others notice because my hair curls back on itself. but if others are noticing enough to comment, it means something's going on up there in my noggin. fabulous.

anyone who knows me knows i can't wait for the day that i possess an afro as massive and beautiful as this young lady: (and really, so in love with her hair). i'm so
grateful to have such astrong support system. my family supports me (a few are really into the whole natural thing) and my friends
compliment me often ("you look puerto rican in this one, girrrrl") and i'm just loving the whole thing. a good friend of mine just went
natural today and is it sad that i'm happy we can geek out on natural hair together. (and this blog post will also serve as a date holder so we can celebrate her first nappiversary when she gets to it). and my
boyfriend's sister had the most luscious twists in her hair this past
weekend... ohmygoodness, they were beautiful.



Cali B said...

Hi Izzy, your beautiful TWA will grow out to be as massive as my curly fro one day! My hair can get so overwhelming at times, enjoy your head of hair. Length will creep up on you very soon. Remember, a watched pot never boils! ;)

Izzy said...

Cali! Aww, thanks so much for your comment! It's so exciting to see you on my blog.

This post is a little old, but already I know my hair has grown so much, without me worrying about it. :) I'm definitely doing to take it easy and just have fun while it's a TWA.