11 September 2009


time really does fly when you're having fun and i'm so in love with my hair, a year will be here before i even know it. i've been natural two months now! so excited.

i know a lot of people say "oh my hair doesn't define me" and "i am not my hair," and that's all well and good, but i feel as though being natural is something I AM. being natural is something i take pride in and is something i do, something i live and love.

my hair is a
great representation of me, inside and out. it's funky, coily, wild and fun. it can be a little dry sometimes, and difficult to work it, but with some tlc and patience, it's as soft as silk. it has its messy days and its pretty days. my curls are springy - some longer than others (and they stand out, too, just to make sure you notice them) and some are a little more reserved, hanging back in the cut, close to my scalp, hidden, but just as precious as the rest of my hair. i can slick back my edges something fierce (shiny and smooth, too) or i can let my hair poof and fro, and frizz how it likes. my hair has automatic style, freedom, and all the versatility in the world. i can bun, straighten, twist, or let it be free.

hmm. sounds a little like me. ;)

and so these two months so far have been so rewarding and i'm looking forward to the journey.

but in more practical updates... now that i've found out how to make my hair cream work for me i am loving it! i just wish i could remember exactly what i mixed - i eyeballed it since it was just going to be an experiment. i've learned that i can moisturize on dry hair - it's a heavy cream and if i do so, it'll just make my hair stiff and greasy. so, i moisturize right out of the shower or i spritz with my spray bottle and then moisturize my head in sections. imagine my surprise when my curls sprang back to life, my hair was pliable and soft and just what i wanted. i've been told it also smells lot (strong) hot chocolate. not sure if this is what i wanted, but i'll take it. this'll be a good mix to combat the fall and winter, so i'm hoping it continues to perform.

i also tried a few acv rinses, so maybe that's helping with porosity. i can only hope so. i'm amazed that my hair has such personality and tells me what she likes and doesn't like. and she won't hesitate to tell me what SUCKS, either. but the same goes for what she loves. it's the "okays," that i'm having a time trying to suss out, but oh, well.

i've also noticed that i may have scab hair. my roots are smooth and soft and curl pretty easily, but i've noticed it's my ends that are rough, stick straight, no pattern, wiry. now, it could be just because they're ends, y'know. they ARE the oldest part of my hair, but i don't think they should look/feel like that. the dryness was so bad i thought about cutting again for a second, down to the head, like i wanted originally. i may just have to go to the barbershop and have it evened. i also may start picking out my hair to put an end to these pesky single strand knots! i cannot keep plucking strands out hair out of my head! bad! but luckily, i think this a problem with shorter natural hair. once my hair has length to weight it down, it shouldn't curl up on itself as much to make the knots.

and so there you have it.

am natural. and my hair is me.


The Grim Phreaker said...

I thought your post was so darned cute!! Our hair is the same age (two months)! I am learning so much about my hair-- I have scab hair as well, but my hair is growing so fast. In about 7 weeks my hair has grown from one inch to 2 and 2/3 inches! I find that when you learn what your hair likes/dislikes, it grows faster.... I'm glad I learned what it likes fairly fast.

Skeeta said...

Pics please pics!! Congrats on the 2 months! I'm only at 2 weeks ;o)

Izzy said...

@grim! maybe we'll be hair twins, too. :) and your hair sounds like it grows like a weed.

@skeeta! i do need to take pics, too! it was my goal to take pics every month. i'll try and do that tonight.

Mae said...

Congrats on the 2 month mark! Can't wait till mine next week : )