27 September 2009

i couldn't imagine...

...being relaxed.

which is so weird, considering that i've spent the majority of my life thus far being relaxed. but to quote lauryn, "i've never been in love like this before."

i'll be honest: my relaxed hair SUCKED. breakage left and right, chemical burns, limp, thin hair. seemed like it would never grow and to compensate, i cut it one summer and then cut it the next. thinking about it, my hair did grow back pretty nicely from the one summer i cut it shortshortshort. but relaxed hair, unless you know how to properly take care of it, blows. your ends are thin, all you know is to keep it straight, your hair is just dry, whack, and not as fly as you think it is. at least, this was the case for me and from the looks of a few young girls around my way, that's the case for them too.

i'll keep being honest: whenever i see a girl with choppy, abused, relaxed, thin, dry hair...i simultaneously feel sorry and superior than her. i know that sounds horrible, but why shouldn't i? i may have a twa, but my hair is luscious, thick, curly, strong, and healthy. i don't necessarily feel better because i'm natural, but because my hair is healthier. maybe it's not even that i feel better than her, as much as it is that i feel better about myself. but as long as she's happy with herself and the hair on her head, how i feel has absolutely no effect on either of us and we keep it moving.

before people take it the wrong way, and just in case some have already (not that many people read my blog, but here's a little disclaimer) this is in no way bashing those who choose to relax their hair. there are many women out there with thick, healthy, shiny, gorgeous relaxed hair. i've seen it. it's when i see a jacklaxed sister that i begin to feel any kind of way. oh, well.

the point of this post was to say that even though i have been relaxed, i can't imagine ever going back and i'm surprised i didn't go natural sooner. i can only imagine how miserable my relaxed hair would've made me. way too many problems and not enough patience for any solutions. i would've gotten so fed up. i never considered going natural until a few months ago and i am so grateful that i did. i love every single strand on my head (even those crazy ones that stick out pin straight).

i feel so much more comfortable in my skin and my confidence has shot through the roof. i feel sexy, natural, happy, and just amazing. and i guess that comes from having something so uniquely my own - no one in the world has a texture like mine. my hair is beautiful and no one can tell me different. my options are endless and i'll say it - naturals have a versatility that relaxed heads do not have. relaxed hair can't revert to a head full of lush, springy coils with just a spray bottle. and even relaxed heads still have to straighten and flat iron, just to keep their already straight hair straight.

everyone's hair is different - everyone. but to me, straight hair (not even relaxed hair) is not really any different from the last head of straight hair. now, there's differences in thickness, cut, density, etc., but those differences aren't really that significant (TO ME). but with being natural, each head of hair is uniquely different from the next and it SHOWS.

i don't even care if what i'm saying is PC, or mean, or just all kinds of wrong. i only care about the transformation my hair has caused in me.

i don't even know what i'm trying to say... just felt like writing.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is cool, Ima cut my hair and get crazy confident too!

Nika said...

I can completely relate to this post ;)

Izzy said...

@anonymous: you should! i'm telling you, everyone should go natural.

@nika: i'm glad. it seems like it's "bad" to feel any kind of way about your hair being better than someone elses, but hey, if YOU feel your hair is better... then so be it. ;)

Skeeta said...

Hey! Your threemonthaversary passed! How's ur journey going?

Izzy said...

it did! thanks for remembering. i've been meaning to post, but was far too lazy last night. lol. will definitely update today.

it's getting better and better. :)