14 October 2009

time just flies by.

if i could kiss and hug my hair, i would. and when it's long enough to do so, i will. i've been natural for a whole three months now and it's like a nonstop party on top of my noggin. there's so much to learn about your hair, it's ridiculous.

natural hair is the ultimate high. when your spirits are down, at least your hair is always up. it's my drug. whenever i have a bad day, all i need to do is wash my hair and play around in my curls and no more worries. it's so ridiculous, it's amazing.

every one needs to go natural at least once in their lives and at least experience the natural awesome that is your natural texture. so far, i've gotten one girl to bc and another to transition. i'm trying to get another to convert and so far, she seems receptive. i sound like an evil monarch or something.

my hair has grown so much since i bc'ed, so i'm glad i decided to start a blog and a fotki because i get to see the transformation. it's so much thicker and richer and it just keeps getting better and better each day.

lord stop me when i get to my goal length (arm-pit length, unstretched). no one will be able to tell me a damn thing, i know i'm so fly.

so, i've got a little list just simmering with products i want to try and that i plan to try as soon as i can. the list grows every few weeks. i can't help it. and that's not to mention all the miscellaneous purchases i buy during the week, without a thought. monday, i bought some proclaim curl activator (more on that below) and some trader joe's tea tree tingle conditioner (more on that, too). for the quickest of split seconds, i almost thought, "iz, you do not need any more products." then i realized, it was my threemonthaversary - i'm gonna treat my fro and myself.

okay, so gel activator? i would've never ever bought anything with the word "activator" in it if it hadn't been for a girl's hair on LHCF. she used it and managed to shingle her twa and it looked so good. before buying, i always thought curl activators had some special chemical in it that warranted the word activator, but really, it's pretty much gel with a different name. so far, i like it. i also liked my eco styler and i've stopped using that. oh, well. i'll do a product review maybe next week.

and it's no secret i'm in love with trader joe's and their products. i love my nourish spa, but never thought twice about the tea tree. it is some kind of amazing. i'm so glad i bought it. and sooo cheap. will definitely be doing a product review on that this week.

just a list of things i need to review sometime soon, so expect a barrage of those. eco styler gel, proclaim gel activator, trader joe's tea tree tingle condish, vs so sexy condish (have been putting this off forever), and herbal essences hello hydration condish.


music.Junkie said...

geebus! "arm-pit length, unstretched" the target length!? melissa gonna be likeuh unstoppable!? friggin superherfro!

Izzy said...
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Nika said...

hmm...need to try the ecostyler

Yakini said...

What an awesome post! :-) Your excitement and passion over your natural hair is a beautiful thing. I'm sure you'll make your goal of APL very soon, at the rate you're going. Keep up the great growing, girl!!!!

Izzy said...

thanks so much, yakini! it's hard not to be so passionate and excited about my hair. going natural is the single most exciting thing i think i've ever done - even more than getting pink highlights and drastic cuts. :)