31 October 2009

spoke too soon? (& small review update)

just last week, i was semi "complaining" and urging my hair to grow grow grow. well, they say be careful what you wished for...

i cowashed my hair last week, the night i did the aussie moist review. first off, aussie moist is a terrible leave-in! it left my hair with no moisture, and frizzy and just nasty. even my trusty shea butter and jbco throughout the week could do only so much. it took forever to dry and i ended up going to sleep with damp hair, which i don't like. i may try again and let my hair air dry a bit first and then use the condish. we'll see.

anyway, for the entire week my little fro was an absolute ham. it looked bigger and thicker and i blamed that for making harder to style, and thus, look crazy. i complained to my boyfriend, to which he replied that when a fro grows out, it becomes an "[b]ush." whatever. but i was a little crestfallen. i'd loved my twa in all it's teeny weeny afro-ness. it was cute, compact, fluffy, perfectly shaped... and now, well... thankfully after a trusty co-wash, it's back to the same!

i cowashed last night with some tj's nourish spa, and while i was playing in my hair, i was absolutely floored at how much i could stretch my fro! it is growing like a weed (more on that in a sec). i didn't want to put shea butter in my hair, so i just put in a good amount of the nourish spa and it actually worked out really nicely. my hair wasn't crunchy and there wasn't any film like when i tried during the summer, so that was great. :)

anyway, for the past week or so, i have been taking a supplement. alta's silica with bioflavanoids. i got this after reading about it on lhcf. it claims to help with hair, skin, and nails. i was taking it primarily for my nails because they are so thin and brittle. they break so easily that they never get a chance to grow. so i've been consistently taking six-seven a day (at 500 mgs, each) since saturday, which is the longest i've ever consistently taking anything. idk why, but i just like taking these. i will probably knock down my dosage a little later - i read to take a larger dose to combat any deficiencies first, and then you can take a smaller dosage and see results.

it's only been a week, so i really can't say if it has helped my hair, skin, or nails, but my nails haven't broken off this week (although i have gotten smaller chips), no real comments about my skin, and it does seem like my hair is suddenly just coming alive. you're supposed to take vits for three months to see any real changes and i like this silica, so i will continue to give it a try. i have high hopes for it.