25 October 2009

getting impatient. . .

. . . and it's youtube fueling the fire. it's natural, i think, to be excited and even a little impatient while waiting for your hair to grow. but that's entirely personal.

it's when other people are making you impatient that i start having issues.

now, i can dream and daydream about my hair all day if i let myself. imagine having a long ponytail, or tying my hair into a puff, or rocking the most glorious afro ever. and i can imagine it over and over and over again, and never get bored. and i can handle that. imagining tides me over while nature does its thing and my hair grows at its own pace.

but last night, i spent maybe little less than hour watching one particular youtuber: MahoganyCurls. i first noticed her because she had a twa, like me, and her curls were already so defined and springy and all-around amazing. naturally, i wanted to know how she did it, so i watched and watched and watched. and i gained soooo much information.

first off, i learned that second-, third-, and even sixth-day hair was possible with a twa, without having to wash every day or every other day, without having to apply product everyday, etc. even better/worse for me, she uses drugstore cheapies (VO5). i'd already heard a lot about VO5 from lhcf, but was never compelled to buy any, much less five-ten-fifteen bottles like some ladies, even with such a great price tag (sales of, like, 69 cents). but seeing this girl work her magic on her gorgeous, flawless twa, made me want to go out and buy a few bottles. (i swear, i am an advertisers dream).

all she does was wash once a week and then leave in some of her conditioner. in the morning, she just spritzes generously (and i mean generously) with some water and her curls literally SPRING back to life. from there, she just shakes it out and is on her way. don't touch it, don't play in it, sleep with a satin bonnet, and you're good. seeing it, i'm a believer.

but here's where i have the problem... my hair is nowhere near long enough to shake. sad face. i cannot wait for it to grow, just so i can do that - shake my twa.

her videos answered a lot of questions i didn't even know i had. how to style your hair without washing all week, how to keep your curls defined with the most minimal effort in the world, and it encouraged me to start leaving in some of my conditioners. i tried this a bit over the summer, but i take it i didn't like the results, if i didn't keep doing it. but i'm going to start doing this with every conditioner i have, just to see what i like (plan to do that with aussie moist tonight - review coming today - whoo!) and don't like. my mind just does not register washing/rinsing conditioners as leave-ins solely because of the consistency. but it won't hurt me to try.

in short... grow hair, grooooooow. kthnx. :)


Nika said...

thanks for sharing the info! I mean I barely have a twa, but with the weather getting cooler, cowashing everyday is not going to work much longer. I'm going to try her method. I'm actually thinking about buying the spritzer from Qhemet's website to revive my hair in the mornings in lieu of cowashing.

Izzy said...

agreed. cowashing often is so much easier during the warmer months. i really don't want to go through so much conditioner, cheapies or not and wait for my hair to dry. her method seems so easy and quick.

i'm happy that now i know what to do when i get to that stage. my twa is still way to short to do any shaking, but what i've been doing so far is working just fine. if it ain't broke...

Eury said...

I completely agree, cannot wait but u cant compare your hair to any one else's because even with length your hair is your own

Izzy said...

doesn't mean i can't try something new. i won't know what works for me until i try. i think her method is nice, but my curls may be more compact than hers, or just may not work! like i said, won't know until this stuff of mine starts growing! :)