20 October 2009

[regimen update] what's up now?

just a quick update, mainly because i think i need to shampoo my hair. for the past week or so, i have been working with a quick, simple regimen that has me loving my hair. dampen with some water (from a spray bottle), moisturize with shea butter, seal with jamaican black castor oil (what i was doing earlier), and then applying some of the proclaim curl activator gel. and i'm loving it, yet again. when i was just doing the shea butter, i may have been a little heavy handed, so my hair would feel a little greasy. but sealing with the jbco and the gel, i don't have that problem anymore.

sunday, i washed with HE HH conditioner and baking soda, on a whim, so i'm not sure if that actually did anything. i had a lot of white stuff in my hair today on my hairline (where i put the shea butter first), so i'm going to do a good wash today. and i'll probably need to shampoo more, using such heavy products and that gel.

and about these reviews... my goal is for two this week. it's so easy to go into any store and pick up anything on a random recommendation, or just because it looks or smells good. and store-bought stuff is so cheap, i never think twice about buying anything. just last night, i bought aussie moist (from raves on LHCF) and cantu shea butter leave-in (more raves). not sure what i'm expecting from the leave in, but i look forward to using the aussie moist tonight.

so, my reviews this week will (hopefully) be: trader joe's tea tree tingle conditioner and proclaim curl activator gel. i might have to break out the eco styler again, just because it's been a while and i need to remind myself how much i like it. and so i have something to reference the proclaim against.

in other news, my hair is growing! i was walking into a store today and caught my reflection, and there, on the side of my head, standing at attention was this one, most perfectly formed curl. it looked weird, though, because it STUCK OUT from the side of my head, but it was so bold and confident and cute, the last thing i was going to do was pat it back into place. so i let it be. <3

again, natural life is the best life. no questions asked.


Skeeta said...

For me, that HE HH leaves white stuff in my hair if I don't rinse it out all of the way, not sure why. Looking forward to ur reviews! ;o)