20 August 2009

[daily] thoughts & mini-review

so, even though i kind of told myself i wouldn't, i've started a fotki. i suppose since i wasn't really into documenting my journey, i thought it would be too much of a hassle to start and maintain one. of course, now that i'm into it, i can see why there are so many members there. thinking of deleting my photobucket album - seems like things are way too accessible there and i don't like how it looks, lol.

album will be open once everything is set up. if things go well, maybe i'll even get into the whole youtube thing. am i thinking too far ahead? before that though, i need to get a profile picture. i'll need to get on that this weekend, definitely. i hate being anonymous like that/this.

anyway, in more hair related news, i found my miracle mix! my hair was soft, moisturized and shiny all day. again, i need to lighten up in my application. greasy hair is not cute and i can't have my curls weighted down. after washing, i applied some shea butter (from nasabb, my favorite) and then sealed with jamaican black castor oil (jbco). i was so excited. it's so fulfilling, learning my hair and what works and what doesn't. and now, i can say this is one solid thing that works for me and that i will continue to do.

also, about two days ago (the 18th) i washed my hair with a sample of black soap i got. and wow. i am very impressed (i think). it had been maybe a month since i last shampooed (the gudonya shampoo review) and i'd been hitting the gym and while i co-wash almost daily, one of the conditioners does have cones in it. anyway. i've never washed my hair with bar soap before, so i was surprised at how quickly it lathered and so rich and frothy too!

it wasn't as stripping as i thought it would be, but very strong all the same. it was because of the shampoo that i decided to use both shea butter and castor oil, two heavy products that i normally don't use in conjunction with each other and i made a great discovery out of it! and my hair was a lot more manageable and receptive to the other products because i got rid of any buildup that there might have been. my curls were nicely defined, shiny, and moisturized. :]

so there's a mini-update for now. this blog already has been so helpful in keeping track of what i do and what does and doesn't work.