05 August 2009

[daily] nothing too special

so i finally got my little spray bottle and i actually don't use it as much as i thought i would. i mixed water, castor oil, vitamin e, and organix vanilla silk conditioner. at the very least, it smells really good. i've been using a shea butter mix on my hair and it stays moisturized all day. no joke. but i'll continue to spritz, just to use up what i have.

got a few sample bottles of the herbal essence's hello hydration. i loved it when i was relaxed and figure that just buying a little travel bottle won't hurt any. so happy to report my natural hair loves it too. great moisture and leaves my curls defined and shiny, but i also rinse with cold water (thinking of trying a vinegar rinse soon). if i remember correctly, though, this has cones in it, so i'll have to watch the long term effects on my hair, but i know it feels great now. i'll probably have to shampoo more often if i opt to use this condish often. i'll review this fully once i've worked my way through my other conditioners and get a full-sized bottle.

next review will most likely be victoria's secret so sexy, sometime next week.

i also learned my hair LOVES vitamin e oil. i had some excess on my hands and smoothed it onto my hair line and then went to sleep. i've never seen such a glossy, defined curl (and my hairline rarely curls up uniformly because the hair there is so much thinner - it just kind of sits there). only thing is, it's a very tiny bottle (not even an ounce) for maybe $7, though it's actually lasted me about a year and i'm very heavyhanded. secondly, it's pure (no added oils or anything) and comes at a very high IU, meaning it's THICK. my short hair can probably take it now, but not so sure about when i gain some length. i'll probably buy another bottle and mix it with conditioners and whatnot, so at least i can still get the benefits without weighed down hair. i'll keep me/you updated.

in other news, i've been exercising, so i know my scalp is getting a nice workout as well, and i know it's aiding my growth. i can feel my curls get longer every time i play with or pull on one. it'll be exciting to see the difference from my BC and the end of the summer/fall/year/whenever. thinking about going back to the bee mine (which i haven't used since natural) to maybe help speed the growth along and use the bottle up. i'll see how that goes.

loving this natural life. :)