18 June 2010

it's been so long! buuut...

summer session has started and i've also begun working full time in a museum, so blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind, but i have missed it! i haven't even been checking on the blogs i follow, but i hope to make some new posts within the next few weeks.

my hair has been growing out great - i absolutely love it at this length. i knew i wanted to keep it short for the summer, although i wasn't sure if i wanted to keep it shaven like when i first cut it. i loved the maintenance at that length, and every touch felt amazing against my scalp, but i love it at it's current length too. i do have to manipulate it a little bit in the mornings, now that it's gotten long enough to begin curling back up.

so... i also decided to go in with the color! i'm actually sitting right now with a honey blonde dye in my hair! i am so nervous, this is the most drastic thing i've ever done to my hair. i didn't want to wait to book a salon, although i might have to go in for a corrective color. i didn't get my edges properly, so they're still a little dark, while the rest has lightened nicely. but it's been processing for over an hour and it's still not as light as the box. perhaps i should've just bleached first, then did the color. the kit came with a lightener, but i don't think it's as strong as the bleach.

i feel like now is the time to really experiment with my hair. i'm young and free and can do as i please. i want to try a whole slew of blondes, reds, and browns so i know i'll be heavy into color for maybe another year or so. this is going to be a beautiful summer so i decided to start with the lightest - i'd really like to achieve a sweet, warm, honey/strawberry blonde. since that'll be the lightest, it'll make going darker easier since the color of my dark brown hair will have already been lifted.

but in other news, i finally ordered the full size of the mozeke moisturizing masque, yum! i know my hair is gonna need a lot of extra tlc, so i decided now was the perfect time to re-up. i also ordered a sample of the 4-in-1 hair milk, so i'm excited to try that.

how have things been with all of you? :)