26 June 2010

[review] mozeke's coconut kokum hair milk: 4-in-1 conditioner

ingredients: distilled water, vegetable wax, cocoa butter, kokum butter, all natural preservative, jojoba oil, irish moss, coconut milk powder, and fragrance.

*sigh* i just received this product yesterday and i'm already doing my review. so this must be pretty amazing stuff right? so far, YES! but let me not get too ahead of myself. this will be an evolving review as i continue to work and play with it. since this is a 4-in-1, i want to review it using it all four ways specified. so far, i have only used it as a moisturizer/leave-in.

i ordered this friday, and received it the following friday. this isn't too bad, but pales in comparison to the three day shipping i experienced the first time i ordered. but i'm sure that with the addition of new products and a growing customer base, jennifer needs a little more time and a week's turnaround isn't much to complain about.

you can get a generous 4 ounces for only six dollars, 8 oz for eleven dollars, or a fanatic's 16 oz for only twenty dollars. these are all very agreeable price points for me, given that it's an effective product.

like all her products, this comes in a simple straightforward bottle. however, what i like about this one is that it is fairly malleable, making it easy to squeeze the product out. the consistency, however, isn't that of a "milk" to me. like i mentioned in a previous review, i think such products should be thinner and more easily spreadable, but this doesn't detract from the product at all. this is a lot smoother than the mozeke avocado cream, and i prefer it a lot more. the screw cap is nice, although i think a top with a pop tab would be a lot more effective, provided that the opening is big enough to squeeze out a good amount.

the scent, however, like many of the mozeke products, edges on a little too sugary sweet. even after one use, it bordered a bit on overwhelming, especially in a steamy bathroom after a shower. i really think an unscented version of this would go over well. there is very little variation in the three products that i have tried from this line, so perhaps it's time for mozeke to start venturing into citruses, or florals, or vanillas. i would definitely try to branch off into new scents, especially when your current scents don't hit the mark.

i am so excited about this product for a number of reasons. first thing i noticed when i smoothed it through my hair is that it defined my curlies in a new way. it didn't coax each curl into a perfect spiral, but rather, clumped and tamed them beautifully. my curls look more like waves, which is new for me. my hair looks so much thicker and lush this way! and get this... frizz! de-frizzified! even after chopping again, once my hair began to grow out, i got those stick straight pieces. i was worried after the dye job because the bleach did loosen my texture, so that meant that the looser parts of my hair would become even looser, which meant more frizz. now that the moisturizer has dried, i do have a few pieces sticking up, but not nearly as much as usual.

i'll have to chime back in later, in a few hours, to see how moisturized my hair feels then. when i rinsed out the deep conditioner this morning, my hair felt so beautifully soft, so i'm eager to see if this hair milk can keep my hair feeling that way. these are also very new ingredients for me, so i'm excited to have such a great experience so far.

on the website, the description states you can use this as a leave in or rinse out conditioner, a moisturizer, and a braid/moisturizing spray. i've used it as a moisturizer. i suppose the idea behind a leave-in is that you layer a moisturizer on top of it, which i may try soon. i'll also try it as a rinse-out on my next wash and she gives a recipe for a spritzer, which i may doctor to better suit my needs.

i'm especially excited about this moisturizer because of the dye, i'm giving up the gels and stylers to focus on moisturizing. if this gives my hair the nourishment it needs, it'll be perfect, since i also love the way it clumps my coils - they look so juicy!

i would say the only thing keeping this from being a staple status moisturizer is the scent and consistency (which i can always dilute with water). but this would be a definite repurchase! so far, i am incredibly impressed by the mozeke line and look forward to trying even more products from them!

edit: after emailing jennifer, i found out that she does offer this unscented and my hair feels great! still a tad dry, so i'll seal with an oil next time, but a major improvement over how my hair was feeling before. i think i have a staple here!

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)


Amina said...

I've read great reviews about Mozeke products. I should definitely try them. Do they offer unscented versions of their products?

Melyssa said...

thanks, 'mina! i don't think they do, but email jennifer. she is a doll! very sweet and responds very fast! i'm going to email her about a scentless version.