27 June 2010

[review] safi haircare avocado shea hair butter

ingredients: raw shea butter, pure avocado butter, vitamin e, peach kernel oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera gel, sodium lactate (natural preservative), fragrance.

i'd first heard of this product on a review on youtube and it sounded absolutely delicious, so a quick google search lead me to safi haircare's etsy shop. i didn't purchase immediately however; at the time, i wasn't very eager to spend $10 on only 4 ounces of product that didn't seem to have any special ingredients. but the name and the delicious image enough sucked me in and i placed my order.

i don't remember how long arrival time took, but i do believe it was the two weeks specified on the etsy page. not too long, considering i was at school, so it was more of a pleasant surprise when i came home one weekend to find it waiting for me.

i was excited to receive this because the texture in the image above is mouthwatering, right? i have to be honest, i was disappointed when i opened the jar. i expected a thick, rich cream with a good weight to it, but smooth. instead, my jar was kind of hard... i actually had to apply pressure to get anything on my finger, which i didn't like. at the same time, i do like the thickness and the texture of it, i just wish the formulation was richer and had more spreadability. this didn't soften at all, even with the arrival of the summer. maybe i just had a "bad" batch. if this product would've had the texture, i imagined, it would've been an absolute dream. it would've been my first experience with a butter so delectable. (i need to find new way to describe consistencies, lol).

speaking of the jar, it comes in a nondescript dark brown jar. i like the size and the weight of it, but the squared edges of the top add a masculinity to the brand that isn't befitting of alexandra, the owner (who, if you haven't visited her blog, is a totally adorable chick). i did really enjoy her branding, however. the dragonfly is very unique and meshes well with the letters, which are creatively, yet simply spaced in and around the image. it gives off this very natural, earthy feel which i like.

as for the fragrance... i could do without it. i don't have the jar here with me, but safi haircare seems to be reaching for that same sugary sweet smell that mozeke is. but this scent was immediately overpowering. i have absolutely nothing against foody smells, in fact, when done correctly (like hairveda), i adore them, but foody smells need to have a theme, a main note: strawberries, coconut, orange, etc. ambiguously sweet smells are easily grating. the description of this says "buttercream," but i think there might be a little too much cream and not enough butter to temper the saccharinity of it all.

i'd used this several times when i first cut down to the fade, so i can't really comment on performance. i feel as thought this would make an excellent moisturizer (it has some of my favorite ingredients), but my displeasure with the consistency and scent kept me from reaching for it. i had high expectations for it and i'm a little disappointed in myself for not working with it more or giving it a longer run, so i still kind of have high expectations for it. and i will fully admit that this might not be as good a review as the others, but i do fully believe that my thoughts, experience, and opinions are valid. i have so many products to work through that if a product doesn't initially grab me after several earnest attempts, then it's time for me to move on. so, with that being said, this wouldn't be a repurchase, but i would encourage others to give it a go.

in the end though, i do look forward to seeing what other products alexandra will be rolling out. the branding on safi is very agreeable and makes you feel almost stylish. i think that with improvements to her jars and scents, her line will become very popular, very quickly. until then, i'm perfectly happy reading her blog and visiting her youtube.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honest review on my product! Thanks for trying it and sorry that it didn't quite work for u. :-)

Skeeta said...

This was a really good review, I was wondering about these products.

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