26 June 2010

while izzy is at the spa...

well, not quite. ;) i'm sitting with the mozeke moisture masque in my hair now, and decided what better chance than to do a quick post? i noticed i have a few new followers too (hi!), so i wanted to make this place look alive (here's the shea moisture curl and style milk review, finally up).

izzy's really been a dream lately. ever since i did a second chop almost one (two?) months ago, she's been fabulous! i have just enough hair to curl up now, so i've been lightly styling it in the mornings. there was a brief period when i co-washed with a deep conditioner almost every day (shea moisture), and i'm sure that helped get her into tip-top shape. it was because of the health of my hair that i felt confident with bleaching (although i wouldn't recommend double processing to anyone). but ever since the dye job, my hair has been unusually straw-like, so i'll be pampering her till she's back to her usually lovely self.

i finally purchased the 16 oz of the mozeke mask and i feel like a kid in a candy store. i love this stuff so much (if you haven't read my review), i just love holding it, looking at it, sniffing it, being around it. lol! i am seriously crazy for this dc. i noticed jennifer (the owner of mozeke), has added a few new items such as the hair milk and styling pomade. i decided to order a "sample" of the coconut kokum 4-n-1 hair milk (not really a sample because the 4 oz is so much!). i'm not sure if i'll work my way through her entire line, although i do plan to go through most of it. the ingredients on this hair milk seem interesting, so i'm looking forward to reviewing.

i also ordered a bottle of sebastian cellophone colors in honey blonde. from what i understand, this is like a "refresher." it does deposit color, although there's no peroxide or ammonium, which is good. i'm going to hold off on using it, however, simply because i want to get my hair back to normal before i do anything else to it. i also picked up the cutest jar of the eco styler olive oil gel and a sample jar of the miss jessie's curly pudding (for absolutely no reason). but i am giving the gels a rest because they don't moisturize and i want my hair to be able to breathe, so i'll be styling with the rest of my darcy's botanicals coiling jelly.

anyway, i know that all anyone ever really wants to see is pictures and i do have a few here. i went out with a girlfriend who just got a new camera that takes GORGEOUS pictures, so i will be sharing those as soon as she uploads them. but until then, i hope these webcam shots are enough. ;)

and here is a quick outline (mainly for me) for my upcoming posts:
  1. salon review! +my dye story/timeline
  2. hair milk review
  3. vs so sexy condish review
  4. idk. any suggestions? lol.
  5. disillusionment post (maybe)


Skeeta said...

ooh me likey!!!! I really love the color and cut on u!

LaToya said...

Your hair looks great!! What brand of color did you use?

Melyssa said...

thanks! i went to a salon where they use the aveda color system. i'd tried using texture and tones the night before, but that didn't work at ALL. i'll be updating with the story behind my color this weekend, so please look forward to it. :)